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4 Ideas To Become An Expert Of Your Niche

There is a slight difference between being a specialist and being an expert. If you’re an expert you can do many things right but if you’re a specialist you can do one single thing as perfect as no one can. Here are 4 ideas for you to help you out and tackle this confusion.

1. Niche Down Your Expertise

Being only an expert is not enough to be a complete expert. All you have to do is  niche down like an expert. We are we humans, right? And we can do 5 things at a time! But we choose to do. Because we want to become an expert.

Is this the real meaning of achieving expertise? Of course not,we run to become a general expert. A person who can do everything as better as perfect. But this is not a real expert is.

No one wants a general expert, people demand for specialised expert, a person who focus 100% on a single piece of work at a time.

Being a general expert won’t work you in that way because people want a specialised expert for their specialised work. It might happen that you get fewer customers but each customer would have much more value.

If you’re focused on a specialised work then you can even ask for more money and definitely, you’ll be get paid for it because you’re no more an expert you’re a specialist.

Coming to the point Niche down your expertise I would like to give you an example for the same that you can understand the true meaning of Niche of Expertise.

Suppose you are a blogger . In Spite of being the best Business blogger. I would recommend you to be the best  business blogger for Automobile business or it would be the best if you’ll be the best automobile blogger in Asia.

The main purpose of creating this hierarchy in your work is you can stand out of the huge crowd. And as I already said you might receive fewer customers but they would be the best customers.

So niche down your expertise and stat  becoming the most different expert in the  customer’s mind.

2. Create A 2-Columned List

You have decided your speciality, you have decided what you have to work for. But all these will be in vain if you’re not fretting  yourself for it. So you next step will be to list out the skills you need to become a specialist  and simultaneously make a list of resources which will help you acquire those skills. Hence, We called it a 2-columned list.

Check out the skills you need and then turn your list to its next column and start gathering the resources. Don’t forget to mention a time tenure because, if we bond ourselves with a tenure of time we start working to finish it not to just make it out.

All you need in your list is-

The leader’s and expert’s thought in your field and getting connected with them.

Books and magazines for your topic.

Blogs and articles that write about your niche.

Videos or YouTube channels to clutch visual knowledge

Researchers who publish the latest researches about your topic.

I would suggest to not limit your list in this way only. It was just an example to guide you how you can create your 2-columned list.

Apart from making the list and following it, never forget to keep updating your list monthly.

3. Get The Formula To Learn

Read + Apply = Learn

Yes! That’s the true and real formula to learn things. Start reading out and getting knowledge of your area  and keep practicing it. You read you apply and you discover your own unique views and understanding for the stuff.

Split your day in the ratio of 1:4 and start spending 20% of your day on reading and gathering knowledge on your speciality and remaining 80% on practicing it. But sometimes the split ratio depend on your area of niche.

For example, if you’re a Marketer the more reading and comparatively less applying will work better for your but if you’re an athlete then you need more practice then your knowledge capturing area.

So start maintaining your timetable, your calendar, and your own ratio to get the things learned well.

Share Your Learnings

Just because you’re an expert it doesn’t mean the people will come to you asking about your expertise. All you have to do is to start spreading your knowledge this will let the crowd know about you. Start teaching people what you’ve learned but there is a big issue how you can teach the whole crowd of the world a time. I have some techniques for you to teach the people about your speciality.

Start publishing  your work on popular blogs in your niche.

Answer the questions of  your industry on Quora.

You can go deep on your  topic by publishing a book.

Now tie up your lace and start becoming an expert in your niche. Decide your own area and go into the battle, read, practice, learn, share and become an expert.

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