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No doubt Christmas is outside the door and no doubt again the Christmas period is the best marketing period especially for shopping marketers and if you are a starter, then missing this stage can prove a deadly loss in your business.

Being a shopaholic I can guide the two very genuine demands from the customer’s side in the holiday season.

  1. Gifts for our closed ones whom we know very well and can spend our best.
  2. Gifts for the fellow whom we don’t know with very close but yet we have to purchase for them as well – Cheap and best.

Concentrating on the demands of customers and using a good Email marketing strategy can let you move from developing a businessman to a developed businessman. What could be better than you have filled the inbox of your subscribers with a number of options not only on the day of the Holiday but also let them feel lucky in other days as well.

The 5 Christmas checklist for shopping marketers

  1. Pre Holiday Planning
  2. Christmas kickoff
  3. Christmas
  4. After Christmas
  5. New year blast
Christmas Marketing Calender

 1. Pre Holiday Planning

 As before any battle, wrestler warms up themselves likewise you have to warm up your customers before the holiday sale so that you can become the winner of this holiday battle.

Before the holiday, start a short sale for Christmas, let your customers feel how important they are for you by providing some of the extraordinary subject lines and themes.

 A.“Here’s Bobby and James to get you ready for this Christmas Party”

Your customer would love to be guided. Provide them perfect guidance who can guide to pick up the best for them. This will stretch your leads towards you because “even the perfect needs the suggestions.”

PreHoliday Planning

B. “All new with 50% Off”

Highlight the offer and price especially the cheapest first. This is the best part of Pre  Holiday Planning as everybody is getting prepared for the holiday party and what if they find their favorite dress which they have added to their cart last month and now the dress is present in their inbox but with fewer digits. Everybody would get crazy to catch it.

C. “Heavy Discount in all Men and Women Apparels”

Let your customers choose their gift with their interest only. Sometimes it’s good to let them pick their own interest for that you can send a simple mail that offers is now going through and else would not be required for them.

2. Christmas kick-off

We all have a fear- “Fear of being missed out”. This fear can help you become the winner this season. There are some of the themes which can help you in boosting your sales even at the last moment as well.

 A.“5 days remaining for Christmas – Grab fast”

Urgency is the best way to say your customer that they need to choose fast or their choice can vanish and this will help in gaining sales very rapidly.

B.“Buy 1 and Get 1 for every Men Apparel”

As I earlier described the two types of gifts we want to purchase, you can use those two types of strategies in your last kickoff of Christmas. For the first type (Closed one) we have no choices but for the one we (HAVE to) what could be better than buy 1 get 1 strategy.

C. “Don’t Worry! You ain’t too late, Wish Christmas Through An E-Card”

OMG! You are too late, only one day left for Christmas but what if you say that you will help them even at that time. People would love to receive a mail from you if you say that you are going to provide an e-card to their friends if they are too late.

Christmas Kickoff

3. Christmas Day

The punching day of your business, when we use to send greetings and thank you cards to our closed ones. So why not your customers?? This is a wonderful day to make your customers feel that how special they are for you. This is not the day for business but for only strengthening your relations. Some of the lines that can improve your business are.

A. “Merry Christmas Enjoy The Day”

Send greetings to your customer. Make them feel that they are your own.

B. “Thanks for being our subscriber for 1 year”

Thanks, them for continuing a strong bounding till the time they became a subscriber of you. Making them realize that you do have your sight in each of their steps is the best way to say your customers thank you.

C. “Enjoy Christmas with all Christmas cookie recipe”

Sending some Gifts to your customer, some e-book or some yummy recipe or some shopping code can bind you with your Customers.

Christmas Day Marketing

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 4. After Christmas

The end of Christmas never meant for the end of the holidays. It always indicates to welcome the New Year.

A. ”Santa is gone yet sale is On”

Your customer would love to get Coupons as their new year gift. As everybody would plan a new year party and what could be better than you are caring for your customer even after Christmas.

Let your Customers enjoy each and everyday sale after Christmas. As there is a complete week celebration is present after Christmas.

Santa's Gone

5. New Year Blast

Everything needs a blast before closing. The new year will become the perfect closing of your this mega sale.

A.“Thanks for being connected with us for 2 years”

Thanks to your customers for visiting and supporting you. You can let them know that since how many years they are trusting and can even ask them to rate you. This will let you the gaps in your business.

B. “Thank you for making us best-selling websites”

Share your complete year achievement with your customers. Trust me! They’ll love to listen

C. “New Year is full of new stocks for you”

Share your coming 2016 ideas and stocks. This will attract your customers and will bind them with you for more one year.

New Year Blast

 So, this Holiday season can be the best selling season for you, all you need is to grab all the better ideas and perfect day for your new schemes. The holiday is the best part for marketers and especially for Sopping Marketers. So, think ahead and enjoy your Christmas with your customers.

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