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5 Must Do Approach To Increase Your Sales Through Mobile Marketing

Even if you go to the past in the fairy era you would find fairies having a text-enabled phone. Yes! I actually don’t remember a single phone from my childhood in which we can’t send messages. Even today when mobile’s definition has changed completely and people spend a lot of time on various Mobile apps, yet you can see all the phones have the text facility.

So, it can be said that text is a thing which was there to contact your customers and still with us and most it would be safe to bet that it will remain until the next decade.

So, if something is that important and handy with people then it would be a silly decision not including it in your business marketing strategy.

So, start working on your Mobile Marketing area and we have 5 approaches for your business to achieve success and increase sales through Mobile Marketing.

1. Give A Value To your Customers

If you made such hard efforts and have acquired their contact number then start making sense of it by providing some value to your customers and making them think that they have provided their contact in some worthful hands.

Keep yourself on their stage and think that if you would be the same person then what would be your interest and concern to know about.

If you’re not going to provide something that worth then probably you’re going to lose your attachment and their interest in you and this lack of concern can push you towards the unsubscription.

And Once you lost, they ain’t likely to come back. So always remember to maintain the worthiness of your content you’re going to provide and give value to your customers.

2. Offer Something Worthful

We start ignoring messages of even our best friend if he/she starts to send the messages again and again. Seriously it’s too annoying! If you can bother even your best friend then how can you expect the same from your customers? Never start to bombard your customers with bootless messages and ads.

One of the best ways to show that you value your customers and take their contact information and their trust very seriously is starting delivering them a mobile exclusive offer or coupon that is segmented to their interest.

3. Work Out For Customer Experience

You are in the market because of your customers. So, never compromise with the customer service criteria of your company. If you sending texts to your customer to promote your product be ready for their reply. Make sure the information you’re providing for your customer about yourself in the texts should be answerable 24X7. If you are providing a direct link to your text so that customers can visit your website without any problem. Try to make it very clear and handy so that people can click even they are busy.

4. Call To Action

One of the most vital reasons for the success and failure of Bulk SMS Marketing campaigns >is their call-to-action.

Call To Action is a property in which people can direct visits to the page and follow you the way you want them to go. Sometimes when I see a message even I am interested  I nowhere get the CTA and close the message again.

Be sure it’s not an email but a text and there are no spam filters for texts, right? So most of the messages you will deliver will get read by your customer. So, never aim to just get read off, if you’re using Text marketing concentrate on the sale that you get from your messages.

So, for that make your CTA Huge, clear, and readable enough so that no customer would leave behind your message without taking any action.

5. Be Thoughtful About Timings

There are no spam filters for Texts that doesn’t mean that you are free to keep delivering messages 24X7 and start annoying your customers. This will only show you the face of unsubscription and nothing else. So, it’s very important to be thoughtful about the timings you are sending messages to your subscribers.

Never send messages after 9 P.M and before 9 A.M, apart from always keep in your mind the holidays.

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