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Addicted to Success!!

Addiction may reflect you a negative habit but what if you get addicted to success. The art of achieving success is easiest than anything until you don’t complicate it by yourself, your addiction to it will help you in moving forward and grabbing your dreams. Chasing success looking for how to achieve it doesn’t mean that you are getting addicted to it.

“Be addict, be addicted to success

Believe me,There’s no Rehab for Success”

Addiction of a thing is adopted when we keep on doing that very thing again and again same as in case of success when you start following a particular thing again and again without any thought of result than that time you can say with proud that you are getting addicted to success. I have five rules to achieve this ultimate addiction of success.

1. Passion = Life

There is a very simple formula of life

“Dreams + Obsession = Passion

  and passion = Life”

If you are a person with no passion, no doubt that you are lifeless. If you really want to see passion then see a person playing his life at ultimate peak because it’s passion which bring them to such height. For getting addicted to success you have to taste passion and have to make it your addiction.

Passion is the thing which let you meet to your dreams. It is that addiction which make you wake up early in the morning and hold you awake late night. You must be thinking now, that before reading this blog you was only worried about the success now a new term arrived “passion”. Don’t get worried you need not to start running for passion now. Passion is the thing that is talked and imagined by you after every 3 seconds. If there is one thing, that only one thing that you meant to discover in your life is your passion.

It is the activity that get you goosebumps all over your body, If you will be able to unlock that passion and make it your obsession, believe me no one can prevent to achieve success. Definitely it will take time to you to understand that passion but once you get addicted to the taste of your passion success will be all yours.

2. Achieve your 4 hours or less goals daily

It’s obvious that you get addicted when you do something again and again then why not success. Taste your success at least twice a day because it’s the only taste which can make you addicted to it. Achieving a big success once in a month will makes the taste of it disappear from your tongue, then why not you divide your success in small parts so that you can taste it every moment. Suppose your dream is to make a successful application which can be broken into design, coding, testing, submission and marketing.

“Success is the sum of small Efforts repeated Day In and Day Out”

Divide your day with small goals that would take at most four hours or less to accomplish. By concentrating on small goals you will remain focused to your ultimate goal and that too with step by step achievement. Treat your 4 hours as magic number and accomplishing your small goal will make you feel good by yourself.

3. Burn the fire inside you

If you really want to be addicted to success then let me tell you success is nowhere but inside you. The simplest rule of success principles is “Fire Up!!”. This can be seen by you not more than two words but there is nothing more powerful than these two words. Burning the fire inside you means living your life at peak stage. You must be thinking that how you can do so, trust me it’s very simple, change the way you are talking or change your sitting style or change your dressing style or the way you are standing.

“If the Plan doesn’t work, change the plan not the Goal”

Everything in your life should be done as if a football coach is screaming on you to try again and again and with more passion. When you will start living in your peak stage, Your surroundings and circumstances will change automatically and will attract different people to interact with you. You will become more confident to yourself than you have been ever before.

4. Believe Yourself

Yes I am addicted to success because I believe in myself, I am the creature of my life. I am the only one who is responsible for my life. The day you start believing like this you will get addicted to your situations. If you think that you want to be an average you will be but when you will start to believe that you are going to be great, definitely you will be.

“Just believe in yourself, Even you don’t, pretend that you do, and at some point you will”

Just believe yourself and be grateful for the things you are having. In my life when I feel like nobody is listening me next moment I proven to be wrong. People are looking at you It hardly matters that they are telling you or liking your Facebook Post.

5. Live Your Dream

Last but not the least, if you get addicted to your passion, your Fire and your believe then this much addiction is enough to take you to your dream land. Start living in your dream as well said by Walt Disney.

“If you Dream it you can do it”

Each day of your life should be the day of your dream. If it’s not, sorry to say you you moved for the wrong goal. Having short goals will help you to achieve your real goal .

Go ahead, you have all the secrets to become addicted success. Decide your goals, achieve success. Taste success countless in your life so that you become a complete addictor of it no rehab can let you get rid of your this positive addiction. Trust me it’s the best addiction one can ever enjoy, being in you councess still having in an addiction.



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