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The pandemic brought many changes. Although some of the shortcomings and obstacles associated with COVID seemed difficult to overcome, we emerged from the pandemic with new and unique ideas. One of the main ones is the video conferencing system.

Video conferencing software has changed the way we work. In the past, meetings required physical face-to-face meetings. It is no longer necessary now. Following the COVID-19 protocols, you can participate in high-level conferences and organize seminars and webinars using the home video conferencing system.

The pandemic has allowed us to explore many of the benefits of video conferencing systems. Team members from geographically diverse locations can gather and discuss critical topics. New and updated features also allow us to blur or change the background, making the meeting more lively and focused. Video conferencing systems have proved to be a boon in a pandemic-stricken world. Even friends and family have turned to virtual gatherings.

However, not every video conferencing software is attractive enough to make a lasting impression. Implementing a few simple steps can make a big difference! Let’s explore some ways to look like a pro.

  1. Practice for the last time

Important meetings and conferences require a lot of effort. No one wants to ruin them due to last minute technical glitches. Therefore, you need to test all your gadgets during the meeting and ensure a good internet connection. You can also keep some stock options available for some stocks.

  1. Use an external microphone or headphones

Almost all laptops and computers today are equipped with built-in microphones. However, echoes or other distortions may sometimes occur. To avoid this, you should use a headset, headphones, or earbuds for better sound quality. This ensures that your ideas are passed on to other people without any problems. You can also clearly hear their ideas and thoughts, ensuring that the video conference runs smoothly.

  1. Focus on the webcam

While the meeting or webinar continues, people sometimes lose focus; avoid it. Eye contact plays an important role in non-verbal communication in any discussion. In cases where no one sees the other person physically, making eye contact is practically essential. To do this, try viewing the webcam on your device. It reflects your self-confidence and leaves a positive impression on the person you meet.

  1. Look for yourself

At the beginning of the conference, you need to look for yourself in the corner of the screen. Adjust the angle of the camera to take good pictures of your face. Check yourself periodically. However, don’t look at yourself for too long. Continue switching between the image on the screen and the webcam to make the conference look professional.

  1. Check the background

The background behind you is important in a video conference. Therefore, make sure you have a professional background, such as a good painting or a bookshelf. If there is no such thing, an empty wall is better than a dirty environment.

  1. Make sure you have minor interference

Before you start a video conference, make sure you’ve already notified people of the appropriate meeting. Also, make sure that your pets and children do not get under your feet during the session. Zero interruptions makes for a good and impressive conference.

  1. Silence things around you

Mute your gadgets, such as your phone or alarm clock, or anything else that might cause interference. This will not make you embarrassed in the middle of a meaningful discussion.


The benefits and tips discussed above need to be properly implemented. Making small changes and paying a little more attention to detail can make a positive impression, making people memorable. Take your time, keep one of these points in mind, and start video conferencing with SARV like a pro. 

Sarv WAVE has become the most used video conferencing solution for many areas. It has many features that make it easy for you to use.

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