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What is IVR System?

Interactive Voice Response(IVR) refers to technology allowing interaction between human and computer via telephone. IVR system can read touch tones & voice input using DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency), and provides relevant information. It is a smart technology which can handle a large volume of inbound calls.

This application is used for many purposes such as- phone surveys & polls, office call routing, Check bank account balance & transactions, call center forwarding, checking movie & venue schedule, etc.

How IVR Works?

An IVR contains telephony equipment, software applications, database & infrastructure. In IVR, a caller may choose any option from menu for relevant information by pressing digits. For example, Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support, and Press 3 for account.

Software can read the touch tone input through DTMF & provides relevant information. DTMF tones are generated by each key on phone keypad. IVR speech recognition software provides communication between customer & computer through voice commands. It can recognize long credit card numbers.

overview of IVR

Benefits of IVR System

IVR improves brand image. Some benefits of IVR system are mentioned below.

Cost Effective

IVR is a very cost effective medium for companies. It saves you money by not having to pay employees to do the work the system is automatically taking care of. So, ROI of company will be increase definitely. It is a cloud besed or pay as you go service.

Time Saving

Customers select the specific option from menu, and you will know the specific reason for calling. IVR system ensures that calls are routed to relevant employee or department such as sales, support to handle queries & solve them. IVR service will save your time & allows you to manage your time.

Customer Experience

With IVR, customers are able to solve their problems and get the relevant information they are searching for without speaking to an employee. IVR software is very simple and reliable, customers will be routed to right department or employee who will solve their queries. So, it will improve customer experience. It will definitely grow your business.

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