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“This is frustrating that I have to call so many times, but not one agent can help with my problem,” do these complaints sound similar? Well! several agents can relate to it, but using cloud contact centers can help you reduce or eradicate these issues. There is a lot of pressure on contact center professionals these days, including management of queues, technology, quality, KPIs, and a lot more.

Satisfying customers are the ultimate idea businesses with staying power have been directed to. An added care and elevated position in business strategy often come with an expectation of near-perfect execution. Perfection isn’t possible, but excellence is!

Nowadays, cloud contact center tools deliver satisfying and loyalty-building customer service experiences. It gives companies the benefit of ACD (automatic call distribution) that efficiently distributes the call among the agents as per the priorities set on the system. There are many common customer service failures, but with ACDs, anyone can avoid them, ensuring great CX, adding value to the business.

“My issue was quite simple, but you made me talk to an agent”

Self-service is a new solution that customers are aware of – smart customers want to resolve their own uncomplicated problems. It might be surprising, but these facts and data will clear your understanding -

  • During the resolution process, 70% of customers prefer self-service channel
  • About 84% of customers check the company’s website before connecting to customer service
  • For simple question and knowledge-base information, around 68% of customers go for self-service

The right cloud ACD can successfully meet customer expectations, leveraging AI to create a budget-friendly solution and efficient communication.

“Why is my call transferred so many times, my time is wasted”

Tossing the customer like a potato will frustrate and harm the relationship. Customers are looking for a solution that meets their expectations and value their time and business. Customers look for solutions that are easy to use and convenient in their everyday life.

What will happen if the customer is not happy and their expectations are unfulfilled? As per the American Express study, customers with dissatisfied service will tell fifteen (15) people about a bad experience. Higher rates transfer and regular customer complaints mean ACD is either not configured or needs an upgrade. Right ACD will route calls to the right agent.

“My issue was solved by the agent but lacked personality”

Businesses’ performance relies on agents, who sometimes have rough days, memory slips, disturbances in their personal lives. Cloud ACD will solve the issue of transferring calls to the right agent but lack of connection – is something an agent has to work on. Remember, personal connection is necessary for an optimized experience. In this case, even if the customer’s problem is solved, they will give a negative remark.

This feedback asks for working on soft skills, however, there can be a chance of personality conflict between agent and customer. Moreover, remove the issue with cloud ACD’s predictive behavioral routing capabilities. Understand it with the research done by Epsilon – 

  • About 80% of customers will probably purchase if offered personalized experiences. 
  • As per Forrester, 89% of digital businesses are investing in personalization as a positive impact on CX and purchases are likely related.

“Why did I have to repeat my issues again and again and again…”

This is one of the most common issues with contact centers. A cycle of repeating the issue again and again – the call is being transferred among multiple agents is frustrating. Some of the related concerns can be fixed if the companies adapt better routing systems.

Another solution a cloud contact center can give to businesses is omnichannel support. A seamless customer experience is offered through multiple channels like voice, email, chat, self-service, etc. It can benefit the business in the end. Not focusing on these points is like adding friction of force on customers to repeat and frustrate themselves. Right cloud ACDs with omnichannel capabilities assure a seamless experience as agents can acquire customer data from any other channel.

Wrap Up!

Strive for excellent customer service with various tools of cloud contact centers. Improve customer experiences and service failures with enhanced capabilities, simplifying the management and interaction. Not only customers but also your agent will be happy – a streamlined experience with modern ACD. Secure better decision-making and real-time information for your business.

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