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A lot of social media channels exist these days, which are used for promotional purpose by small and big business. You’ve probably heard about Instagarm too where the account holder may share images for business purpose too.

Instagram is the most engaged social networks along with facebook, twitter etc. Circulating information worldwide is easy through this social media. Start with Instagram now to promote your business with a little effort and grow your business.

It is very easy to start with Instagram and you may discuss the steps to follow to make your business sound loud enough in social media channels.

  1. Setup the Account

  1. Download the app and Signup

You will easily get the online link to download the application and install it in your system (desktop or smartphone). Installation process is quite simple which requires your email address.

While signup you will be asked your full name, where your full business name should be mentioned.

  1. Choose a recognizable username as per your business

While signup you will be asked to mention a username, which will be unique for your business and hence you may choose the username associated with it for promotion and easy recognition.

  1. Fill up your profile and add a description for your business

Add a description of at least 150 characters about your business. Be clear and brief as there is a word limit. This description will help others to explore the business and get attached with it.

You may also add your website link to drag the viewer directly to the website.

  1. Add a profile picture associated with the business

First resize your picture as per the ideal size mentioned on instagram. The biggest challenge is to choose a picture, which explain your business. Logo is the best choice here.

  1. Get set for your promotion

Now, after completing the above set, you’re all set to start the promotion of your business by sharing your posts through your official Instagram account.

  1. Create and share your post

  1. Take a photo

  2. Resize and edit the picture

  3. Add caption and your location

  4. Tag the contacts and share it

The steps mentioned above are quite simple to follow. So, start now and share posts of your business to increase the promotion of your business and make it reach all possible associated people.

Instagram also helps to get yourself connected to your employees and your customers. You may share posts associated with your company’s achievements, events, awards etc.

This will surely help people to remember your brand name and drag business.

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