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“Your voice can change the world.” Barack Obama

Voice is an influencer itself as it holds the power to change the world and make a new one. Just like a picture can speak thousands of words, in the same way, ‘a voice can impact thousands of people’. Remember, the process of cold calls, one of the popular methods to target customers, but ask for a lot of time and effort. Everybody is aware that the world is all about high-definition features, and voice is that essential solution.

Voice Broadcasting Solution

Voice broadcasting can overcome the limitations of traditional advertising. It is a cloud telephony solution, commonly known as outbound dialing (OBD), a technique that enables businesses to automate their calling process.

The successful and productive service connects your business with thousands of existing and potential customers digitally and simultaneously. Use voice broadcast service to elevate products, services, offers, and campaigns with a pre-recorded voice message (using voice broadcasting).

The process is entirely automatic and includes extensive features. However, not only is it limited to brand promotion but also to advance new products, process changes, and so on, depending on the need.

OBD’s Countless Benefits

Wide Target Reach

The voice broadcasting solution shares your message with thousands of people simultaneously in a fraction of seconds. As per recent data, the smartphone penetration in India forecasted to have reached 420.7 million users in 2019-2020. Reach as many people as you want without any human assistance.


The complete system is very affordable and cost-effective, ensuring impactful change in the running of a business. The cloud telephony service reduces your business cost and additional troubles. Voice broadcasting is available with an admin portal, call analytics, powerful dashboards, and many more add-on services.


The software is easy and flexible to use with no complicated installation. It requires no technical degree. Understand and work on it anytime and anywhere without any assistance.


The work is full of creative ideas, and customization is part of creativity. Voice Broadcasting solutions offer customization and personalization at an affordable price. You can personalize your messages depending on various factors like the type of target audience, language, geographical location, etc.

Communication Flexibility

Communicate with the target audience at the ease of your convenience, like send out text or SMS or call your patrons. Utilize different modes of communication to interact with the audiences.

Lead Generation

Business runs with loyal customers, who come again and again for the purchase. This OBD solution has proven to be highly effective with a high response rate. You can generate potential leads using it.

Real-time Insights & Analysis

Voice broadcasting solution provides real-time reports and insights of all calls. It gives the number of people answering the call, duration, conversion rate, etc. Get complete refined data that will enable you to make wise decisions for your business.

Automated Process

The cloud telephony solution helps you schedule recorded calls according to the customer’s availability. The feature requires no human assistance and is just one click away.

Integrates with CRM

The latest technological solution is what you need, and voice broadcasting software syncs with your existing CRM software to save your time from manual uploading. Get direct responses from people from CRM and upload new data for future references.

Event/Campaign Management

Use the solution to promote upcoming events or manage a campaign. Update your loyal customers about the event or broadcast campaign with precise projections based on demographics.

Fast & Secure

Don’t stress out! Whether your data is secure or not. As we all know, data is one of the most valuable resources for every organization globally. Thankfully, platforms like Sarv work one step further to provide a safe and secure ecosystem. Voice broadcast solution comes with features of high security.

That’s a Wrap

The list of benefits can go long, but these basic ones will help you make a wise choice. Voice broadcasting solution is now way different from olden times as it is more secure, flexible, vast, and specified.

Use the ‘word of mouth’ of marketing with innovation. Learn more about the services for your business by connecting with experts at Sarv. The solution has proved to be beneficial for every business, ensuring higher returns.

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