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Do you wish to increase your company’s production and revenue and looking for solutions? If you answered yes, this article is the ideal place to learn how to get there!

As we get more connected with the passage of time, we cannot overlook the fact that calling a business to inquire about products is still the preferred method of communication for clients. Businesses became fully aware of this and began to organize their product and service marketing and advertisements accordingly.

It’s also essential to ensure that a firm is readily available and that contacting them does not require too much work on the part of the customer. As a result, it is a wise decision for a company to seek out a solution that is both simple and powerful.

This is where the call-to-action or click-to-call buttons come in handy. These buttons are critical in an era where a task as simple as cleaning your house is dependent on the social media presence of cleaning services.

It’s only natural for a company to invest in Click-to-Call Systems to boost its marketing efforts and conversation rates.

What is Click-to-Call, and how does it work?

Cloud systems provide a feature called click-to-call. It allows callers to connect with businesses without having to dial their phone numbers. CTA buttons and call widgets can both be used to create this approach.

The machine used to make the call frequently consults a database before dialing the number. 

For example, if you’re calling a delivery person via an app and you just click on a dial button, or if you’re looking for a department shop near your home and you simply click on the “call button”.

Is this something you’re familiar with? 

I’m very sure that everyone has utilized the click-to-call feature via an app or a search engine at some point. If you use a click-to-call feature on your smartphone, for example, your phone will make the call for you.

Let’s take a look at some statistics to learn more about how click-to-call solutions help in boosting your lead generation

1. Calls from customers are still coming in

Even though online tools and databases are available, 61 percent of clients prefer to phone a business, according to a Google survey.

2. Buyers are attracted to mobile searches and are more likely to call

Customers who use search engines on their smartphones decide to call the service, according to a Google study. Approximately 70% of search queries use click-to-call buttons to call a business directly.

3. Calls Play an Important Role in Purchasing Decisions

It was discovered that 61 percent of customers consider being able to contact a company during their decision-making process to be absolutely crucial.

Click-to-call is an effective approach that reduces barriers between companies and potential leads by decreasing customer effort. It aids in the simplification of the customer engagement approach.

Clients can call by simply tapping a button rather than memorizing a long and complicated phone number. The call is then forwarded to the most appropriate agent, resulting in a speedy resolution of their questions.

4. As the times changes, so must we

To grab clients, it’s not enough to simply employ the best click-to-call software. However, it is equally critical to have a thorough understanding of your customer and their needs. As a company, you should have strategies and technologies in place to boost output.

5. Customers frequently call with the intention of making a purchase

When customers search for your company online, they are frequently looking to make a purchase. According to statistics, 31% of clients who contact you during mobile searches intend to make a purchase from your company.

Click-to-Call Applications

The click-to-call solution bridges the gap between a missed opportunity and a satisfied customer. So, how can you set up your company to make use of this solution?

Fortunately, putting in place a click-to-call solution is simple. Here are some options:

Call-to-Action Links

Simply transform phone numbers into links that visitors can click on. Of course, you should test these links before they go live, and they should be put in the sidebar or header of the page for easy accessibility.

Even if you have no coding experience, you can enable C2C functionality for these CTC links. If you have a coder in your team, they will be able to complete the task in a couple of moments.

Call Buttons 

To attach the click-to-call solution to your phone number, you could use a phone or a call icon. This is a more visually appealing option than the standard digits that customers see all around.

Buttons are visually appealing than digits, and they’re also easier to click on a smaller screen, making them ideal for users who prefer phones.

Click-To-Call Solutions- Enhance Your Connection With Customers

Even in the times of the smooth browsing experience, how you present your call-to-action for customers matters a lot.  Still, most companies disregard even the simplest things, like giving clients several ways to contact them. Click-to-call technologies help to keep communication flowing smoothly.

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