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At present, retaining focus is one of the biggest workplace challenges employees face. The constant urge to check and scroll phones might be the reason behind fluctuating focus and concentration. If to find, there are plenty of distractions in the workplace. These distractions widely affect the performance of sales teams, especially when you don’t have a cloud telephony solution. We know that when it comes to sales, the pace is fast, the pressure is high, plus there is healthy to unhealthy competition. According to a study, sales representatives are only spending one-third of their time selling while the rest of the time spends on manual work.

Doesn’t it sound brutal, yet real!

So, how can you motivate your sales team? The answer is simple – cloud solutions are to the rescue!

Why Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony solutions enable employees to remain productive and engaged. The solution acts as a co-pilot for sales representatives, allowing them to handle manual tasks related to calls. It turns out to be a game-changer in modern B2B2 sales, whether it is inside or field sales. Cloud telephony has become the best bet for getting more closed deals.

Motivate and Enrich Distraction-Free Workspace for the Sales Teams

To have highly motivated business growth, your business needs efficient and robust solutions for sales. Let’s take a look at how cloud telephony can enrich a distraction-free workspace for the sales team.

Reduce Manual Tasks

Cloud telephony offers various automation solutions and tools to the sales team, which enhances the entire communication process. Agents save more time and are more productive in persuading important prospects and building robust relationships.

Keeping Call Details & Notes in CRM

Customers hate repeating their issues and unsatisfactory communication pushes them to shift their purchases. Cloud telephony support companies to keep basic and important information about the customers, like SMS details, notes, call recording, etc., in the log. From purchase history to the last call – everything is automatically saved in the cloud. Amid cut-throat competition, losing one customer will be a great loss.

Dialers Minimize Manual Errors

Dialers have proven to increase the productivity and efficiency of agents. Sales dialers are the best choice for outbound sales strategy where representatives can make 30-50 calls a day. Manual dialing can lead to errors, thus affecting the overall performance of the organization.

Sales calls are partially about volume – the additional calls you make, the more likely you are to initiate conversations with prospects and generate leads. If sales representatives are spending 20 seconds dialing a number between each call, then it adds up to a huge amount of inefficiency.

Dialer simplifies and saves representatives time, thus boosting their morale and performance.

Give your representatives a dialing hand, give your representatives auto dialer and predictive dialers. Both have different calling frequencies and working. Auto dialer dials 1 number at a time and connects the lead with the representative. Missing a single prospect can be harmful to business.

Meanwhile, the predictive dialer dials multiple numbers at once and connects the representative with the answered calls only. This way sales representatives can handle multiple calls and prospects.

Click-to-Call CRM for Instant Connect

Did you know?

  • To connect with prospects, it takes an average of 18 dials.
  • Call-back rates are below 1% because of click-to-call
  • Around 80% of sales need five follow-up calls.

The above-mentioned stats are pretty mind-blowing and it is more than enough to explain why implementing click-to-call software should be a priority for salespeople. Click-to-call removes the hassle of pulling up lead records, dialing their number, opening notepads, saving call logs, etc.

It allows your sales representative to call the prospects in just one click. The entire conversation is automatically logged and recorded, enabling reps to focus on selling. Also, in-depth reporting helps managers to analyze reps’ performance.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR acts as the first line of defense, allowing users/customers to connect with the best available agent of a specific department. This ensures that the prospect receives a solution without wasting much of their time listening dial tones. IVR enables businesses to handle high-volume calls without making the customers wait for long.

The sales team can use IVR differently for different campaigns, helping them establish a better connection and more fruitful conversations with the lead.

Real-time Insights of Calls

To evolve the working process in the best possible way and satisfy customers, the sales team needs to upgrade their skills. Consistent sales training sharpens the skills and motivates them to learn something new.

Cloud telephony offers real-time insights into the calls and activities of the team. For effective communication, sales reps need to listen to LIVE calls, review recordings and analyze to enhance performance.

Final Thoughts

A sales rep’s team is filled with challenges. Their hectic day includes multi-tasking, prospecting, doing discoveries, scheduling demos, negotiating, closing, etc. But cloud telephony eases reps’ day, making them more productive and efficient. Understand your team’s challenges and eradicate them with the integration of cloud services. Help them stay motivated and satisfied, and support them to go over and beyond.

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