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Monitoring and measuring customer satisfaction are notable discussion topics in boardrooms and call centers. With technological evolution and advancement, the business environment is becoming more and more challenging day by day. Businesses want to know whether customers are happy with their products and services and that can only be done by surveys.

What impact their product and services have created on customers, where do they have to work, change, or innovate?

All these questions are part of all businesses, and to effectively get the solution, ‘SIMPLY ASKS THE CUSTOMERS.’ Every enterprise efficiently uses ‘Surveys’ – a customer-friendly and cost-conscious form of gauging customer satisfaction.

A few simple questions to customers within the strategic window of time after the interaction will give a brief idea of what customers think in real-time.

Automated surveys empower businesses to advance quality calls while ensuring customer satisfaction. According to the report of American Express, customers prefer to spend as much as 17% more on a brand that offers good customer service.

What are Automated Customer Surveys?

Automated surveys are the solution for the modern age. As the name suggests, automated customer surveys are conducted through automation. All the questions, conditions as well as triggers are pre-decided. The CRM technology later auto-sends the surveys, which have predefined conditions to transmit to the right person at the right time.

The surveyor pre-defines the survey workflow with several conditions before sending. This condition can be anything from purchase, order placement to a return, a visit to the site, etc. Businesses do not need to keep track of all events manually. They can create and send surveys every time after their fulfillment.

Using Cloud Telephony Solution for Customer Surveys

Consumers are fully aware of the next-generation technologies, using blogs, customer review sites, community forums, social networks, content feeds, Twitter, Facebook, etc., to convey their recent interactions with a product or service. Cloud technology is an innovative solution for businesses that allows a manageable, faster, reliable, and affordable way to collect, store, and manage data from customer surveys.

Cloud telephony solutions help businesses automate their complete process of surveys and human assistance. They can use advanced features like voice broadcasting, IVR-integrated toll-free numbers, real-time analytics, CRM, etc., for their business. It will additionally help employees manage their time and workload while showing customers that their time and privacy are respected.

How to Use Cloud Telephony Solutions for Automated Customer Surveys?

Toll-free number with IVR

Businesses can use toll-free numbers integrated with IVR. It records feedback of survey respondents via automated calls. The pre-recorded calls can reach a broad audience, allowing them to use the mobile’s numeric keypad for feedback. Cloud telephony solution reduces manual effort and eliminates the need for checking time zones or the caller’s availability.

Voice Broadcasting

Voice broadcasting comes in handy when reaching out to customers for communication at one time, with the same message. Use it for regular follow-ups with customers to ensure satisfaction and build loyalty. Pre-recording leaves no room for errors and miscommunication. Businesses precisely need to adapt the appropriate tone and semantics for voice broadcasting.

SMS Surveys

Text-based surveys can collect feedback for you remotely. SMS with a link includes a feedback form sent to customers directly on their mobile devices. Customers can enter their information, along with their opinions and suggestions. The advanced way of the survey includes an SMS template where respondents can answer by simply pressing certain digits on their keypad.

Real-time Analytics to Measure Performance

Track, analyze, and understand respondents data in real-time. The in-built analytics in a cloud telephony solution studies all the feedback and concerns as soon as they arrive in the system. It ensures the timely understanding of performance and crisis identification to prompt corrective action.

CRM for Better Customer Understanding

Cloud telephony solution includes a CRM system. Businesses can track and analyze feedback from particular customers effortlessly. Following the report of Microsoft, 56% of people globally have stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer experience. Going the extra mile includes being aware of the customer’s concern and working to build a robust relationship with them at large.

How does Sarv’s Cloud Telephony Solution Fit in with Automated Customer Surveys?

Customer surveys play a vital role in business development, products, and services expansion. Don’t underestimate the importance of surveys as it gives valuable insights into customer mind and behavior. Businesses need to incorporate mandatory tools like automated customer surveys to head away in the competitive environment.

Save your quality time with Sarv. The incredibly accessible and popular tool of cloud telephony allows businesses to reach large numbers of customers at once. CRM integration, IVR-based toll-free numbers, SMS surveys, etc., encompass hassle-free collection and storing of information at one place.

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