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To build a reputation as a business and steadily remain the popular choice among prospective customers, quality of products and thorough customer relationship management is important.

Businesses today thoroughly understand the need to have a steady clientele who are loyal to the brand. But to build such a relationship, there are several things to be observed. The evolving technologies make it easier to connect with your customers better. 

One such booming technology is the VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. It has many perks like tracking and managing sales leads, prospects, and customers more efficiently.

About VoIP CRM Integration

The CRM Integration includes the connection between your VoIP Phone system and the CRM that helps to synchronize the information between the 2 tools. It eases all your manual tasks and lets you track and analyze important customer interactions. The integration between the 2 tools lets the agents function without any hassle. Also they can easily access details of the callers. VoIP CRM Integration eliminates the need for manual tasks of storing information after the call has ended.

Unveil the power of VoIP CRM Integration and let your client communication become smoother than ever. 

Here we are going to share some useful insights about the VoIP CRM integration. Along with, how it can help any business grow.

Advantages of VoIP CRM Integration 

Get Calling Data On A Real-Time Basis

Studying the interactions with your customers can give in-depth insight into the business. Every conversation holds some vital knowledge that can be used to grow the business. The products popular among the customers, the item they complain about frequently, the general feedback- all can be deduced on a real-time basis using the VoIP CRM integration. The process becomes less time consuming and effortless as no one has to manually take notes for every phone call between the customers and the agents.

The CRM integration helps to track other relevant information like the type of device used to place the call, time duration of the conversation, the time when the customer called and so on. All this information gets used to improve the customer service overall.

Better Scope For Personalized Interaction

Customers love a tailor-made solution for their problems or a product as per their needs. But how can your brand deliver this? To know what your customers want, easy access to their call recordings is very useful. It will help to track the requirement in real-time and accordingly customize the products, services and solutions for the next conversation. VoIP and CRM integration allows quicker and more flexible access to the information needed to personalize the services.

Also, the ready availability of customer information helps to provide personalized and tailor-made solutions instantly. The company agents can check the data in real-time and provide the solution on the spot. This promptness attracts customers and helps with customer retention in the long run.

Reduction Of Operating Costs

Did you know that VoIP and CRM integration reduces the operating cost significantly? 

It is also another reason why many businesses are investing in this trending technology. Firstly, you need not buy separate software for VoIP and CRM, thus the investment cost is reduced. Moreover, the integration simplifies the workflow and it becomes easier for the agents to manage it. As a result, the productivity rate and profit margin increase simultaneously.

Also, as most of the tasks become automatic, the chances of error are negligible. As a result, costs incurred in the form of penalties or extra payments also get reduced.

Overall Productivity And Efficiency Is Increased

The overall efficiency increases when you implement the VoIP and CRM Integration successfully. Repetitive tasks like looking up client information, searching contact pages, finding old tickets, and entering new data are also automated. Data manipulation is handled automatically by the software, and the agents are free to handle other core tasks associated with the business. 

There is rarely room for error with the automated system, and hence the overall customer’s experience is improved.

Improves Overall Management

The managers get key metrics about the overall performance of different aspects of the business through the VoIP CRM integration. Information like caller hangs up the frequency, average duration of the calls, agent ratings, number of calls answered per day, average wait time help the managers take crucial business information for overall improvement.

For example, if a specific agent spends more than average time to solve certain types of queries, the company can find out the records through this integrated system. Based on the report, they can take the next step, like assigning a different agent for the specific account. In short, the management decisions are quite optimized with CRM Integration.

Post-Call Activities Are Smoother

After interacting with the clients, there are several steps one must take to resolve the ticket. These are the post-call activities. The VoIP CRM Integration will automate all the post-call activities and formalities for the agent. The CRM Integration will sync all the data from your business phone system into the CRM, thus reducing the need to manually feed the data. 

The follow-up actions like calling back, seeking feedback, emails and messages all get streamlined too as a result of the integration.

Concluding Remarks-

In short, the perks and benefits of VoIP CRM integration are varied and businesses enjoy growth, higher profit and a stronger reputation on implementing the entire integration. It is one of the most powerful methods you can use to enhance your customer relationship. It helps you stay ahead of your competition while reducing your overhead expenses and increasing customer relations. 

Many leading organizations are already taking advantage of SARV’s VoIP CRM Integration. We also offer you a free demo to help you guide through the process. If you wish to set up a call centre, you should check out Sarv’s cloud-based phone services. Talk to our industry experts now and reap the benefits of the system as soon as possible.

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