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Do you ever feel the need to record your phone calls? Does it ever get too bothersome when you cannot monitor your calls? Do you want to make sure the call centre in your business is effective?

You might want to learn about Call Whispering in that case!

What is Call Whispering?

Call whispering is a function that allows your managers to listen in to on-call centre personnel/agents while they speak with customers.

Managers may use this technology for two major benefits:

  • first, track the performance of seasoned agents, and
  • Second, teach and support fresh recruits.

What’s the best part?

The agents are the only ones who hear the whisper, and the callers are never informed.

The use of the whisper function is to brief employees before taking support calls and assist them while managing consumers. This will provide them with vital client information and allow them to keep one step ahead of the competition.

For callers, this implies faster response times and more satisfaction without the inconveniences of repeating queries or the process’s friction.

How Does Call Whisper Work With Other Call Centre Features?

According to a Harvard Business Review research, employee contentment significantly impacts their performance. People who were satisfied performed 16% better than those who were unhappy. They was also shown a 32% boost in commitment and were 125% less likely to develop burnout.

Everything boils down to effective training when it comes to enhancing customer satisfaction. Call whispering is a dependable method that boosts their confidence and professional happiness, with positive outcomes in their performance. 

Here are a few examples of how you may use this feature in customer service best practices to improve client happiness and experience.

Call Monitoring:

You can use it in conjunction with call whispering. Listen to the phone calls to see how various employees handle client questions. If the agent looks to need assistance or if the call does not appear to be going well, jump in and whisper some suggestions to the agent.

Call Barging:

If the inquiry is so complex, call barging allows supervisors or professional executives to take over during a support chat. This tool aids firms in improving first-call resolution and increasing customer satisfaction.

Recording Phone Calls:

Managers can listen to call records to train agents to utilise the tool effectively. And both new and seasoned agents may benefit from this information. Real-life examples are fantastic tools for teaching people how to deal with difficult situations.

Benefits of Call Whispering in Business

Now the question that arises is, how does call whispering benefit your business? 

We all know that maintaining a successful call centre staff is a huge task, especially in a competitive environment. Even one poor customer service call might result in a customer’s permanent loss.

You’ll need to think beyond simply providing your agents with a script or instructing them on dealing with irritable callers.

In this case, call whispering has several advantages, some of them are:

  • It aids in training new hires who are still learning the brand’s tone of voice, customer expectations, and standard or challenging questions.
  • Allows current team members to coach someone who is struggling to meet the company’s requirements.
  • Provides managers with a valuable tool for improving the team’s general communication abilities.
  • Allows managers to swoop in and assist agents in dealing with demanding clients or solving complicated problems without wasting time.
  • Supports the endeavour to build a valued staff capable of converting new leads and retaining existing customers.

Industries That Use The Most By Call Whispering Feature 

Are you wondering what major businesses benefited from call whispering? 

Contact whispering is a sophisticated feature that may benefit any company with a consumer-facing call centre that handles sales or customer service. It’s also a wonderful investment for companies that run many campaigns simultaneously.

E-commerce marketplaces, educational institutions, healthcare organisations, helpdesk and support centres are suitable candidates for this capability in a call centre system.

Why should a business invest in call whispering?

Customers are more aware than ever before; therefore, sales and customer service conversations might be significantly more complex. Every call is unique, and how your agents manage them greatly influences your company’s image.

Customer satisfaction is influenced by contact centre agents’ language, tone, and interactions. As a result, it makes sense to go above and above with their customer service training and preparation.

Call whispering is a win-win function for all parties involved, including companies, agents, and callers. It shortens sales cycles, boosts closing rates, and increases conversions and retention for organisations.

The benefits are quite too massive for one to not accept it, right?

Wrapping up…

You can boost customer satisfaction thanks to the call whispering; if two individuals are together working on a client’s request, the answer is likely to be delivered rapidly, which is precisely what every customer wants.

As you can see, call whispering is an option that may be pretty beneficial to your business. You’ll need call centre software or a robust switchboard to use it and reap all the benefits.

Does reading about this feature entice you to invest in it? You have no idea how much call whispering will help you enhance customer satisfaction and convert more leads. SARV is helping many businesses PAN India with their cloud communication services. Contact our experts to know how the call whispering feature can be the best friend for your business.

Maximize profits and enhance sales with Sarv’s call whispering service!

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