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More than 35% of the consumers who prefer CALLS to contact brands are more likely to buy your product and service

Did the numbers surprise you? Have you already invested in click to call widget because your competitors are taking huge advantage of it!!

Do you know, even after having quality traffic on your website, why is your conversion rate still low? It may be because your users find it difficult to reach out to you for any queries. The trending and the vastly used solution is to deploy Click-to-Call technology that makes it easy for your potential customers to connect with your brand via Calling. 

What is a Click-to-Call Solution?

The Click-to-Call solution is just a link on your website or Google Ads that pops up your phone number when the user clicks the link and offers them the option to connect with your customer representatives directly. 

This reduces the waiting time of the customer to connect with the brand, and they can feel the human touch. The major benefit of Click To Call is that it allows you to track the data of the user calling- you know who is calling and from where the caller belongs. 

The data can further be used by the brand to enhance sales and marketing strategies. 

Here is the list of ways in which Click-To-Call Widget can help you generate leads. Read below to know more-

Effects of click-to-call Widget on Generating Sales Leads

Low Response Time: Increases Conversions 

The best part about the click-to-call widget is that it puts you in direct contact with a customer representative. 

The click-to-call widget speaks volumes about your brand image because it helps customers to connect with your company immediately, rather than having to search around for an email address or social media platform.

It also benefits your business because using a click-to-call widget lets your customers request service quickly rather than having to wait to be connected! 

With faster response time, the conversion rate of customers increases up to 30% to 50%.

It’s also important because when customers have fast access to someone on the phone, they typically think well of the company, which shows that the business is eager to serve them well. This positive sentiment from customers towards the company can significantly influence how they might perceive the business and its products and services going forward.

Increases Customer Retention

Although every customer wants to get in touch with a salesperson, they do not want to wait forever until they are transferred over. It’s the reason the click-to-call widget is crucial. 

It increases your chances of making a sale right at the very moment when customers are already engaged with your product or service via your website! A study shows that, if your brand is easily approachable, there are 65% chances that the customer will stick to your company

Also, if the customer cannot contact the business with a phone call, then there are 46% chances that he/she will reach out to other brands, causing you Potential Customer Loss.

Nonetheless, having the contact button available at their fingertips feels more like an instant messaging experience than the antiquated process of sitting by the phone and waiting for someone to return their call. This creates a sense of reliability in customers, which ultimately leads to increased customer retention.

Prevent Customers from Leaving Your Site Instantly

Click-to-call features not only help increase conversion for customers but can also help keep them engaged on your website long enough for you to make an even greater sales pitch. 

While only 24% of your customers would prefer filling web forms and more than 60% of them prefer contacting via phone call.

When stats speak for themselves, why wait in investing in such a trending service?

However, every time a customer tries to exit your website, the click-to-call widget triggers popups or prompts to prevent leaving the page altogether. The prompts ask customers to make a decision by giving them two options: “Leave without dialing” or “Continue on this page.” 

It’s not just brilliant because the prompts will keep customers engaged but also because it provides you with an opportunity to remind your potential consumers of how beneficial your services can be for them. 

If a customer stays on this page, he will be utilizing more brand-related information than if they had immediately left without being prompted. This is a smart and effective strategy to keep customers held for a bit longer.

Are You Ready To Increase Your Conversion Rate?

If the answer is yes, it’s high time that you invest in a “Click-to-Call” service to engage with your audience and stay ahead of your competitors.

While not all online users who visit your website will opt to call you via the click-to-call widget, many will check out the number on your website, and when they can’t be reached right away, they may leave your site instantly. 

If there is a form or special offer on your website encouraging them to get in touch – or simply indicating that you’re open for business on most days between 9 AM – 5 PM – this might discourage potential customers. 

Many of our clients at Sarv have already started taking advantage of Click-to-Call to generate leads and enhance customer experience. They are using our services to convert their web-based traffic into potential customers and are having huge benefits. 

What are you waiting for? Consider incorporating a click-to-call widget that we offer for better customer retention and more sales leads.

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