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No matter what you want to call it – teleworking, teleworking or teleworking – teleworking has expanded in recent years. And this is what we now see as a “new normality.”

Remote working has proven to be a vital strategy for business continuity. The resilience of teleworking has made organizations successful in remote environments.

Understanding the concept of teleworking is quite simple; however, creating a similar policy is not. Many companies simply applied the same principles to their telecommuters as physical setup in the office.

Although existing remote work policies are also part of the equation, teleworkers need more weight to create an effective approach.

Just as most employees are telecommuting for the first time, this is the first time their managers can lead a telecommuting. It is therefore essential for employees to have a video conferencing platform so that they can connect and consider how teleworking can create isolation among employees.

New HR Environment with Cloud Telephony

To manage this and a high-stress work environment, the HR manager must keep them happy, healthy, and ultimately productive. Cloud phone services help with high-quality human resource management and help the human resources department easily achieve its goals.

Let’s understand how cloud services simplify staffing.

Automated recruitment

Each organization has a set of standards and prerequisites that a candidate must meet in order to apply for a job. The human resources department usually spends a lot of time and money screening candidates. Would it not make sense to introduce a system that automatically filters out these candidates and then decides whether further screening is needed?

Cloud-based telephony solutions, such as outbound IVR or voice transmission, minimize human effort and automate the initial process of listing candidates. The solution that you get then communicates with them through DTMF inputs, such as keyboard inputs, by asking a set of predefined questions. The answers are then stored in a system that can be accessed through a user-friendly portal.

This solution transcends geographical boundaries and the HR department can conduct the first rounds easily by phone. The physical presence of your team is only necessary after the candidate has cleaned the first round.

Effective boarding

Hiring new employees and introducing the company culture is the most important step in making them comfortable. There are some emails to be sent, some hierarchical communication and clear expectations that need to be set. A unified communications service, or UCaaS, helps to break down barriers and provides a good overview at a glance.

UCaaS is a combination of tools consisting of unified platforms and allows employees to access everything from one place.

Employee involvement

Effective and efficient internal communication is crucial for the company’s success and a comfortable working environment. With UCaaS, you can keep everyone up to date with the right information and ensure seamless two-way communication.

> Call forwarding: With the introduction of cloud-based telephony solutions, such as toll-free numbers or virtual phone numbers, HR managers can set up an internal communication system. This solution is easily accessible to employees to contact each other or senior management at any time.

> Voice transfers: another function for moving between employees and employees. This is useful when dealing with topics or events. In addition, call forwarding is also convenient for connecting teams in different geographical locations.

> Voice transmission: Another cloud phone solution is voice transmission, which can be used to delineate company-wide information for your employees without human effort and high cost.

Regardless of your work culture – whether inside or outside the office – your employees need reliable tools to ensure collaboration.

Employee feedback

Employees feel valued and are part of their family when they know communication is smooth and they can communicate at any time without hindrance.

When an organization strives to listen to its employees, it encourages strong communication. Listening to these concerns and problems ensures that employees do not feel isolated and rejected at such times.

Creating a UCaaS system with inbound calling tools, such as a toll-free business number, to record employee feedback can be fruitful.

In addition, it can be integrated with the staff ticket system to resolve these complaints and feedback. This allows employees to check their problems and progress in real time.

Ice Breaking sessions

Nowadays, it is important to communicate with employees more than ever before, and personnel officers do not leave a stone unturned. After creating a strong internal communication system, HR can use UCaaS to organize fun activities and interactive sessions to break the ice and lose monotony.

The HR department can create chat threads where employees can contact each other informally to discuss their favorite shows or current affairs. UCaaS helps you keep a tab on these conversations and communicate better with your employees through integrated communication systems.

In conclusion

If you plan to move from a traditional phone service to a cloud-based one and give your HR department the right tools, UCaaS is the best solution.

You can expect a significant improvement in employee involvement and thus an incredible increase in employees.

We have outlined just a few of the ways in which cloud solutions are the future of employee engagement, but there are still many. The best part? You can easily get the system up and running in just a few minutes.

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