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reasons of sms marketing failure

SMS Marketing is an amazing tool. You may make a good profit and increase the ROI of your products by using it correctly. Instead of sending random SMS, be focused to send personalized SMS to your subscribers with all possible interacting options in your SMS. Keep it brief and concise to prove your-self to the point.

Now coming to the point. You have followed everything, still, you are sitting disappointed, tired of SMS scheduling. 


There is this one example of SMS marketing associated with personal experience and came through it during my online study.

A promotional campaign was run to get subscriptions. It was from company Ford. The receiver subscribed to the service finding it interesting and knowledgeable. They asked for pin code.

After subscription, a revert SMS was sent containing details about the car and good deals running in the respected area.

Now that the opt-in is complete, the next expected SMS was of new deals, coupons, new designs, etc.

But instead, similar SMS were loaded again and again in the inbox that thus forced to OPTOUT.

Meanwhile, another list of SMS was received from another car company Infiniti that dragged to a link of new design and a video giving a live demo of the car.

So, finally, the client may not buy a car now, not being ready. But when ready the priority will be Infiniti >> Ford.

It is not necessary to buy the product soon after receiving a good SMS. But this should not stop you from sending a good structure message. It is a simple and cost-efficient method to generate your future clients who will keep you on priority based on SMS interaction.

What will work for your business?

It is not like a fixed menu to be followed every time while creating an SMS campaign. We need to follow certain conditions to make a correct and up-to-date sms campaign.

Marketing & Advertising

Try engaging a creative team to think according to your subscribers or like an audience, which seeks your services. What will they like to read?

Make a captivating headline for your social media accounts, blogs, websites to keep the SMS and other related areas connected.

Write content which brief and concise. One must avoid certain things

  • Write a long SMS giving unnecessary details (thinking it will help the clients)
  • Write a very brief and hidden SMS with the least details (thinking the receiver will develop an urge to know about you)

So, concentrate creating an SMS that contains details about the plan, where to go for the next step, and do not forget to mention the offer which may be the off or coupons along with contact number website address.


Offers always draw attention. You may generate regular offers (limited) and broadcast through SMS to your subscribers. Never forget to mention the proper path to apply the coupon or find the offer in your SMS.

Try sending more and more personalized SMS and offer a good deal to get more visitors. Try to make an offer, which can’t be refused. Give away a freebie (SMS free with missed call service) if possible.


We may write a message, which assures us to pull the user to the next step. This is possible by inserting certain call-to-action options in your message, which are:

  • Redeem a coupon
  • Visit the website
  • Sales and support contact
  • Connect and refer to your friend.

These are a few of the many options that are to be found and applied.

Mobile Website

You are sending SMS with all necessary details, like website address, direct contact number, etc. This means you are writing the SMS concentrating on a wide population who carry smartphones.

So, these smart people will take a look at your website from their smartphone. What here a company need is a well-built mobile website.

A mobile website helps mobile users to study your website without any kind of distortion.

Strategize Your Sms Campaign and Avoid Spamming

Do not blindly write an SMS and broadcast it just like that. Every business marketing team needs a strategy to get a good conversion.


This line says to not overload your subscribers with a number of SMS every now and then. This will irritate them and they will search for OPTOUT and you may even get negative reviews as a compliment.

  • Keep certain information added in your SMS like CALL, HELP, etc.
  • Keep your subscribers updated about the new deals, features, and updates.

Gather Resources

Develop a good and qualified marketing team to develop a strategy. Let them use good sources and providers to get a better results out of the service. Focus on good service, not cheap service.

An initial expense will later provide you sweet results in the form of a growing ROI.

Lack of Creativity

Following the same SMS again and again! This happens when the person has very little time to concentrate on marketing. So, better build a team that may give time and focuses on creativity.

  • Do not send the same SMS again.
  • Give new deals, offers, and coupons unique to your customers that will help pull the customers.
  • Change your content and format of SMS.
  • Do not share the same message with the customers through social media or mail. Keep it different.

Finding it Expensive

Is spending $100 per month on a software which is not used due to lack of customers with zero ROI or spending $500 on a marketing team and developing 83% ROI.

So, it is better to deal with expensive teams and services initially to get future benefits.

SMS Sending Frequency

Now, here you need a proper timetable. How many times an SMS campaign must be sent;

  • Once a week
  • 2-3 times a moth

This is sufficient!! The more consistent, the better.

Leverage Immediacy

This is the point, which makes SMS one of the most available channels to connect with the audience.

Connecting directly to the personal device the customer owns is awesome.

As per the experts above 80%, SMS are opened rather than email which serves only up to 20% open rate.

Stick to it till success

There is one saying about which describes the patience.

Rome wasn’t built in a day!!!!”

So no need to lose hope by just attempting 2-3 times in SMS marketing. You’ll get the success gradually and this will help you study the industry in detail. A long process will let you go through a lot of clients, their different behaviors, and requirements. You will develop a dynamic and strong unique approach.

To know more about SMS marketing, Read our articles.

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