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Customer Serivce Philosophies

A shared customer service philosophy can help you solve any crisis, and for years companies have been practicing it to provide the best customer experience. Many factors influence customer experience like strategy, tools, internet connectivity, etc., but what ties all together is customer service philosophies.

Before talking about it in-depth, let us take real examples of customer service philosophies. In 2015, the chat app Slack went offline, interrupting the communication of various teams. Around tons of meetings and collaborations halted – customers were angry and frustrated. In no time, they started to flock to Twitter with harsh words.

But something changed their thought.

Every customer with angry tweets received a personalized response in seconds – no templated answers or programmed apologies. That is the power of customer service philosophy. Instead of dropping a small post of a technical error or glitch, the team of Slack personally interacted with one of the thousands of customers – highlighting every customer deserves a human connection.

Customer service philosophy holds the power to transform your complete call center experience over customers. After research, we have gathered the essentials for the long-lasting customer philosophy your company needs.

First of all, Understand the Customer Service Philosophies

It is a short statement elaborating on support teams’ mission, values, and guiding principles for a cohesive and satisfying customer experience. Customer service philosophy acts as a strategic filter for agents, guiding them when speaking with new customers, launching proactive support, and more.

Avoid adopting cliche scripts like ‘the customer is always right,’ instead, develop a set of shared values that are actionable, memorable, and empowering. Philosophies are in practice everywhere – for example, in website copy, sales pitches, marketing campaigns, etc. It will always yield profits when done correctly.

Learn Customer Service Vision

The first part to cover in customer service philosophy is a vision statement. But what is the vision? It is a statement that helps customer service employees understand their purpose or what they are expected to provide.

Learn Customer Service Values

After the vision, the next step you have to create is ‘team values.’ This explains employees uphold companies vision while communicating with the customer. The personalized approach, polite tone, present solution, listening power, and subtle farewell note with a return are some values an employee must adhere to.

Secondly, Benefits will Support a Smooth Process

The revenue and retention capacity of companies grows with the support philosophy. Shared values and vision play a significant role in guiding customer service operations. There are various benefits customer service philosophies offer to call centers. Explore here:

High Revenue

Companies that focus on their customer experience can experience 4-8% higher revenues than those that do not.

Transparent KPIs & Metrics

The clearer your support values are, the more favorable your key metrics are. It is a quick way to track customer details while influencing the company’s bottom lines and handling customer satisfaction metrics smoothly.

Robust Brand Identity

Your company’s brand identity improves customer loyalty and trust, thus increasing word-of-mouth marketing. The customer service philosophy exponentially influences the essential elements of brands – voice, tone, and visuals.

Elevated Customer Loyalty

You should know that 96% of customers say their commitment to the brand is highly dependent on customer service and their entire process.

Reduced Employee Turnover

Companies’ clear values, higher purpose, and vision drives employees to be more likely to stick around. Thus, lowering the employee turnover rate.

Thirdly, Writing a Clear & Robust Customer Service Philosophy

Customer philosophies have few things in common, and no two should be the same. Align your team values, goals, and long-term relationship with your customer – see your philosophy succeed. These simple steps can support your team in developing the team’s philosophy.

  • Identify the Support Team’s Values

It is no secret that organizations thrive when everyone aligns with clear company values. Similarly, teams grow when they work together with shared values. So, start brainstorming the long list of five or fewer values. Be ambitious and act as you have the power to affect customer lives and drive revenue for the company.

  • Sum up Your Values in Vision Statement

After narrowing down your team‘s values, try to incorporate and sum them up with a vision statement. Pend down your vision statement or send the survey to everyone on your team – ask questions from them relating to customers.

  • Document & Share the Philosophy

After finishing the tasks above, you will have to develop a clear document to share beyond just the support team. Communicate customer service philosophy with executives, product team, and engineers to empower confidence among everyone, especially when interacting with customers.

Uphold Philosophy Every Day to Grow

Everyday growth adds to the overall success of the organization. In a call center environment, agents deal with uncertain challenges (like high call volumes, technical errors, etc.) that need customer service values to increase customer satisfaction. Regularly connect and collaborate with your team to transform your values and visions into the team’s DNA.


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