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Blog-Customer Service Trend 2022

Customer service technology continues to evolve and improve customer experience (CX) at a frenetic pace. Over the years, businesses have been upgrading their capabilities to bridge the gap between consumer demands and professional services. Nowadays, the consumer has grown used to digital-first experiences thus, raising the expectation bars for businesses. Also, digital solutions have increased the efficiencies in customer service by breaking the complex fragments.

Evolution leads to new trends, which are essential for meeting market demands. The customer service landscape in 2022 is an evolution in businesses that improves the quality of their existing customer interactions.

Do You Know Customer Service Technology…

It’s a combination of emerging technological tools, systems, and processes that aim for optimal customer service with the best return on investment (RoI). These technologies will center around business automation processes to enhance customer service. Trends and technology are interrelated as they streamline the strategy of communication designs. Just, for example, a concrete plan is required to manage customer support during holidays.

The increasing shift to digital self-service platforms and analytical capabilities has been assisting the service and freeing up support representatives’ time. The emerging customer service trends will serve the end of delivering the best customer experience and satisfaction.

After researching the trends and reports, we’ve identified a few key trends in customer service technology for 2022.

Trend No. 1: Omnichannel Support

Customer service seeks 24/7 care and is available on every channel. Digital platforms are just more than a communication tool as it is transforming into a platform to interact with favorite brands and companies. Pick a platform and get a solution for queries via phone, email, LIVE chat, SMS, and social media.

Trend No. 2: Co-browsing & Video Chat Assistance

Marketing and technology have simplified the connection process with customers, ensuring transparency in products or services. In the coming years, co-browsing with a customer will become common, including a video chat or live chat to guide customers with their queries and help them walk through companies’ products and services. It is real-time support that will lead to many benefits.

Trend No. 3: Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is a handy solution that brings the world to you, similarly, customer service technology trends for 2022 will include the digital hub. A bridge to the physical world – a digital transformation that will transform the entire business.

Trend No. 4: Automated Self-Service

Expect an automated self-service in 2022 – business chatbots and knowledge-based databases (KBDB) to solve customer service. 2020 has started ‘want it now’ customer culture – a study revealed interactions with automated AI soared by 81% in 2020. It is slowly becoming part of the customer service solution, and around 68% of WhatsApp users believe it is the most convenient way to engage with a brand.

Trend No. 5: AI Chatbots

Bots are helping agents minimize excess consumption of their time. Amid pandemic, the growing use and demand of bots in customer support management have increased. And this trend will carry forward its convenience to endorse significant customer service. Scripted chatbots are effective in some circumstances, while AI chatbots will use machine learning for solutions in almost every situation via a database.

Trend No. 6: UX Enrichment

The end users’ experience will be a key trend to change customer service technology in 2022. Businesses can grow a lot with a website, and following the studies, 88% of online users minimally choose to return to the website after a bad experience. A well-tailored user interface could escalate the website’s conversion rate by 200%, whereas a better UX design could boost it up to 400%.

Trend No. 7: Voicebots

Voice support is common at present, but 2022 will be combined with the power of chatbots dubbed voicebots. Voicebots will offer speed, personalization, and convenience for simple queries to consumers. Voicebots will triage incoming calls for agents and help them deal with complex queries efficiently.

Trend No. 8: 24/7 Live Support

Customers’ expectation continues to rise, following digital channels growth and the convenience of business support from anywhere and anytime. Companies are offering 24/7 support, but it has yet to be adapted full-fledged. 24/7 Live support will ensure necessary operations – the trend could work on several platforms such as SMS, website, social media, inbound customer support, etc.

Key Takeaways of Customer Service Technology

The aforementioned customer service technology trends for 2022 will support businesses with a customer-centric approach, helping them in the long run. In the coming years, the adoption of new technology will be a true differentiator for business. And Sarv’s vision will advance towards the adoption of new technologies slowly. Get in touch today and learn about integrated voice solutions, SMS, powerful chatbots, and more we offer.

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