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In hosting industry, SSD has created a huge buzz among website owners. Website speed is the biggest motive for owners, & they are constantly looking for better ways to make website more faster. So, web-masters are choosing SSD hosting. Many of website owners are opting SSD server from their hosting provider for website’s better performance.

With speed, this technology can also improve your website uptime and overall performance. In This Article, we’ll discuss about SSD & Its benefits.

What is SSD?

SDD stands for solid-state drive. This is made up of either plastic or metal case & looks like a battery. This drive doesn’t have any moving parts so it produces very less heat, & information is stored on microchips in this drive. So SSD is faster than HDD, data can be accessed with high speed. But this is more expensive than HDD around $1 per GB. SSD is lightweight compared to hard disk (77g).

It contains three components- controller, capacitor & cache. Controller performs operations related to reading & writing the data. This is the main part of drive to determine speed of drive. Cache is high speed RAM memory components which is used for speed matching. Capacitors are necessary to maintain data integrity.

If you turn off the drive, it doesn’t forget data stored on it due to NAND based flash memory (non-volatile). Operating system boot up time of drive is around 22 sec. But it has limited storage space capacity from 250 GB to 1 TB.

Speed of your website is a key factor as SEO perspective. So performance of a website is more important for web-masters. If your website requires high performance & fast response time or you are running a busy site, you must opt for SSD hosting plan. SSD offers more performance & speed than traditional hard disks. Many leading hosting provider companies provide SSD infrastructure in their VPS hosting solutions.

These days, high costs are not an issue because some companies provide SSD in affordable cost for clients. Find out more information about SSD & HDD.

Key Features of SSD Hosting

Some features of SSD hosting, which hosting provider companies commonly provide are the following.

  • Linux server will be optimized rapidly with SSDs.
  • You can change your server’s resources quickly from the control panel.
  • You can quickly setup CRM platforms etc.
  • 100% SSD database storage.
  • 99.9% network uptime guarantee.
  • You will get 24/7 expert technical supports.

Benefits of SSD Hosting

Below mentioned are some benefits offered by SSD hosting.

benefits of ssd hosting

Speed & Performance

Website speed & performance is very essential to attract & keep visitors to your website. This technology provides an excellent browsing experience to visitors. Due to no moving parts, SSD have high data transfer speed. SSDs are faster than HDDs. Efficient performance, Fast Speed & high durability make a clear choice for companies to migrate to SSD from HDD.

Reliable & Secure

SSDs are more reliable because it use advanced technology. No need to worry about the website security because SSD server keep secure your website data or information. SSD has no moving parts, so there is a less chance of breakdown or shock. SSDs don’t die at end of life span. The data & content stored within it can still be read, even after the drive is no longer usable.

Less Power Consumption

It consumes much less power than a regular disk because it doesn’t has any moving parts to handle data. It is made of advanced microchips & data is stored on these. So this feature makes it environmental friendly technology. So with this hosting, you get better performance in greener way.

So now you should have a clear idea about SSD hosting which is the best solution in industry to get better performance at affordable or reasonable price. Now all size of companies could afford this hosting solution from leading hosting service providers in industry.

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