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E-commerce automation was once reserved only for the big businesses that had huge budgets. However, the releases of powerful yet affordable and accessible e-commerce automation software have made it possible for everyone to enjoy it. According to research carried out in 2019, 75% of marketers use at least one type of e-commerce automation platform to manage and grow their store. E-commerce marketing automation is one significant aspect of e-commerce automation.

To put it simply, running an e-commerce store requires a lot of work. You have to cater to marketing, communication, fulfillment, shipping, follow-up, order tracking, and everything in between. It’s common to feel like you’re doing so much that you’re unable to focus on what really matters for your business. That’s where e-commerce marketing automation comes into play.

What is E-Commerce Marketing Automation?


E-commerce marketing automation entails relying on powerful tools for the sake of streamlining, expediting, and simplifying your routine marketing chores over multiple channels. These processes may include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Sending instant texts, emails, and social messages to your customers
  • Using email or texts to follow up after a purchase, in case of cart abandonment, and for notifying the customers regarding new promotions
  • Keeping your social media pages updated
  • Managing your website’s widget content
  • Creating and running loyalty campaigns
  • Recording customer preferences
  • Placing online ads for your business or specific products
  • Collection, analysis, and reporting of marketing data

In simpler words, e-commerce marketing automation enables you to take care of the modern marketing world’s time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Simultaneously, using e-commerce automation software allows your customers to enjoy a personal and consistently-connected experience with your brand. As an outcome, it offers immense benefits not only for your customers but also for your staff and in terms of your revenue generation.

How does E-Commerce Marketing Automation Help Your Business?


We’ve seen a significant rise in online shopping during the last few years, especially since the coronavirus outbreak. The impact of COVID-19 on the e-commerce industry and delivery is significant. However, the convenience and safety that e-commerce stores offer have given them the advantage over brick and mortar stores.

Furthermore, Forbes reported that the consumers’ expectations for faster and convenient deliveries have increased. This implies that the business owners must think faster, move quicker, and stay flexible if they wish to remain competitive.

Some of the benefits of using e-commerce marketing automation are mentioned below.

1. It Helps You Save Time

When you’re using e-commerce automation software, you’re essentially automating repetitive tasks. These are the tasks that would otherwise have taken up a lot of your time and energy. By automating them, you’re freeing up your schedule for tasks that can yield better results.

Save time with sarv services

You can even have your SMS marketing strategy built up during the incorporation of an e-commerce automation platform to make it more efficient. This allows you to effectively send text messages to your customers about follow-ups, request reviews, and inform them about new promotions.

You can even automate your customer emails and social media posts. You can also schedule your sales promotions, thus allowing you to integrate product releases with accompanying announcements without having to intervene.

2. You can Enhance Worker Engagement

Your employees are going to love it when you tell them that a mundane and repetitive task no longer needs to take up most of their day. You’ll be bumping up your employee satisfaction, thus enabling them to perform at a higher productivity and efficiency rate. This helps them to focus on strategy, learning, growth, and other big picture items that will inevitably help your business in the long run.

3. You’ll be Improving Customer Satisfaction

Your happy customers have a higher probability of becoming your repeat customers. As per Invesp, new customers can cost you around five times more than selling to your repeat customers. Adapting an e-commerce automation software for your e-commerce marketing can help you ensure that your customers are happy and easily improve customer retention.

improving customer satisfaction

How? By automating tasks, you are ensuring that your existing customers are catered to without fail. You can start loyalty campaigns and even improve the customer experience.

4. Advanced Reporting and Testing

Owing to the thoroughly defined e-commerce automation software processes and accurate reporting features, you can obtain advanced reporting and carry out testing. This helps you to refine your marketing and sales campaigns so that they never miss their mark. Thanks to this data, you can learn what you’re doing right and what needs improvement.

5. Increased Scalability

Another benefit of using e-commerce marketing automation is that it does more than simply set you up for growth. It can allow you to grow exponentially. For instance, would you have been able to keep up with your growing number of customers and manually send them emails every time they abandoned the cart or let them know that they’ve earned a discount code? No way!

Increased scalability

You will definitely need an e-commerce automation platform that can help you deal with a higher number of customers without compromising their experience quality. Furthermore, the marketing automation allows you to integrate various items in your marketing strategy and its various subcategories, such as SMS marketing strategy.

6. You Can Improve Customer Experience

Did you know that personalized experiences can lead your customers to feel more appreciated and connected with your brand? Furthermore, everyone loves to be the first one to find out about an amazing sale online. Marketing automation allows you to connect with your customers conveniently and regularly. You can even use their preferences and shopping history to craft custom messages for them. If you’re focused on improving your customer experience, we suggest that you check out this help desk ticketing system as well.

7. You can Target Customers Across Different Channels

customers across different channels

A common myth surrounding marketing automation is that it is all about email. The truth couldn’t be farther from it. It can be used across different channels ranging from PPC campaigns, social media marketing, third party platform integration, and even your SMS marketing strategy.


In the end, you must identify the pain points that are bottling your workflow and try to automate them for the biggest possible impact. You should also take into consideration the feedback provided by your customers and employees to make this effective. Furthermore, it is strongly advised that you keep the big picture in mind when you’re opting for e-commerce marketing automation. It can help you connect with and make sales to all kinds of customers in your sales funnel. Get started today to reap the amazing rewards that automated marketing has to offer.

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