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We all know how SEO and Social Media plays a vital role in the success of any business. But do you know what’s the one thing which supports SEO and social media both? A few days back I was sitting in a cafeteria and I heard someone saying – “With the advent of Social Media, Seo, and mobile marketing, Email Marketing has lost its significance”. I was shocked hearing this.

Do you really believe this is true?

If your answer is big “No” then you are surely on the right track.

I heard them saying RIP Email Marketing, but what they don’t know is email marketing is still an unbeatable ROI tool.

Do you know even Facebook can’t beat Email?

Email is the first thing which comes to mind for when talking about direct communication as 72% consumers prefer emails as a source of communication and 86% consumers enjoy receiving promotional emails monthly.

I completely agree SEO and social media creates a huge impact on any business, but do you know email is the force which drives and supports the efforts of SEO  and social media.

Have a look at this statistics:

Email marketing Status

In support of this statistics, Michael Stelzner has aptly marked that – “Email is the glue which binds the efforts of digital marketing”

Scroll down to know how Email Marketing supports Seo and Social media:

1. Email Marketing as Content Promotion Fuel:

The primary reason people use email marketing is to promote their content. We all know content is the king. And the whole concept of digital marketing revolves around marketing the right content to right people at the right time. It is known that content marketing bridges the gap between what your brand produces and what your consumer desires.

Brands nowadays take the holistic approach focusing on how SEO, Social Media, SEO synchronizes altogether. Continuously emailing your subscribers with your latest work, you highlight it in the eyes of your followers. By this, you build trust within your audience as you continuously provide them with informational stuff rather than promotional stuff. This will increase your readership and your emails will less likely get flagged as spam.

Have you heard of newsletters?

Newsletters, of course, make a great marketing tool. What can be the other better way to highlight all your published content in one mail. All you need to do is make a list of your latest posts, take an excerpt from them and then shoot a beautiful email.

See how Social Media Examiner uses business email for highlighting his recently published work:

Email sender by provider

2. Boost Social Media Efforts:

Before getting into the insights of how email marketing supports the social media efforts.

Let me ask a simple question – “what do you understand by social media?”

No doubt social media is an outstanding marketing tool but it’s far more than that. In simple terms, it’s nothing but the social proof. And the more social proof your brand has, the more will be the goodwill.

Yes, you heard.

We as a human tendto follow the crowd. Our most of the decision is influenced by other humans.

Social proof somewhere defines the brand loyalty of your business.

And in my view, automatic email marketing service is the best way to gather online review and to gain social sharing which will eventually improve your search engine standings.  For example, insert small social networking buttons at the end of the mailer. This will help the recipient to quickly share your content. What can be the other best way to get some extra following? Thus this extra following will eventually lead to more organic web traffic. Vice versa you can also take advantage of this extra following as your potential new email subscribers.

Have a look at this screenshot:

Boost Social Media Efforts

3. Gathering Reviews:

We all likely check the review of the company before going for an interview or before purchasing any service from the company. Online reviews are the key factors which determine your sale. And the advanced email marketing service can be exceptionally beneficial in this case. Create a specific content list which targets your customers who are already connected to your brand. Send out some emails occasionally which urges them to review your business. Get a bunch of good reviews on local listing websites like etc which will eventually increase your brand value.

If not this then you can ask your customer to post a review on your social media pages. Either way, you’ll get the potential reviewers. And over time you’ll gain more potential reviewers.

Gathering Reviews emails

Not only for online reviews, you can also use email marketing to get feedback from your customers which help you to know your loopholes.

4. Conducting Survey:

No matter how much efforts you launched a product in the market but if it’s all useless if your product isn’t compatible to meet your customer’s requirement. Understanding the market needs and requirements is indeed a challenge. It’s impossible to thrive in the market if you don’t know what your customers really demands. The Advanced Email Marketing service is here to solve this problem. It helps you to conduct the survey which ultimately helps you to know the current trend going on in the market.

Conducting Survey by email Marketing

5. Mobile Friendly:

Do you know – According to litmus recent 2016 report stated that 56% of opened emails were opened on mobile devices which significantly represents 8% of an increase in mobile click-through rates. And we all know whole world today is running behind the smartphones. Everyone today whether it’s a teenager or an adult use the mobile phone. Thus optimizing the email according to mobile devices becomes the priority as you get more exposure and a wider market.

Here’s an illustration of email optimized for mobile vs email not optimized:


Email Marketing comes with infinite opportunities. The world is running fast with the technology and this technology has gifted us with automatic email marketing services which helps you in numerous ways. So it’s your call whether you consider it as a RIP or a tool for ROI.

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