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Cloud Telephony

As we know education industry is all about exchanging and sharing knowledge. The communication between different stakeholders (parents, educational body, students) needs to be transparent and open for the purpose of attaining determined goals. Having the right medium for communication is necessary for ensuring smooth interaction between students and the educational institute.  Since communication is dependent on technology due to distant learning, cloud telephony can transform the way students receive learnings regularly. Cloud telephony acts as a unified communication system for empowering the education sector with tech-savvy solutions. With zero cost investment and no backend hardware, it significantly reduces the infrastructural and maintenance costs.

Power of Cloud Telephony 

Cloud telephony is used as a cloud communication solution for solving problems faced by the educational sector. Educational establishments are looking to integrate this unified solution within the communication process for enhancing mobility and productivity. With multichannel capabilities, features like IVR, call recordings, call routing, and call forwarding can help in connecting with students and accommodating their inflow queries. 

Educational institutes are leveraging the power of cloud telephony for bringing optimal outcomes. Let us see what advantages it can offer to the education industry

Connect with Customers for Front-Desk Counselling 

Cloud telephony offers a calling widget wherein visitors can connect with qualified personnel and get quick responses to queries. It leads to optimized front desk handling through automatic answering and recording of calls. 

The information available on the website is not sufficient for the students to get a depth view of courses. In that case, leveraging cloud telephony through developing contact centers can be helpful in connecting with students. It can be possible by click-to-call functionality in which students can directly contact the faculty to make sure every aspect is entertained.

Integration of IVR for Fast Response

IVR is a self-service tool that allows students to get answers quickly with the help of key inputs. It significantly reduces monotonous calling and gets only priority calls that improve the quality of customer service and also operational excellence. The advantage of IVR technology can help your institute to solve major problems by routing calls without any error. Streamlined communication in the internal administrative department saves time and cost. 

Facilitating Personalised Experience

Cloud telephony forms a link between the counselors and students wherein all the communication is direct and personal. Various Ed-tech startups are harnessing cloud telephony services to build trust within the learners. Bulk SMS service can be used to send regular notifications regarding exam timetables, class schedules, and result announcements. Hence, students are connected with the required information.

You can simplify communication within the internal administrative department which leads to lower manual processes. With the strong backing of data, you can ensure that the right information is addressed to students through streamlined procedures. 


In the education industry, it is important that faculty members, parents, and students collaborate through a centralized system for the enhancement of overall performance. Cloud telephony can act as such a platform wherein they can connect seamlessly. It supports uninterrupted education by acting as a steady communication medium that works for everyone. 

Anywhere Accessibility 

The greatest advantage that cloud telephony provides is the scalability and flexibility of software. This means this platform can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Education institutes can make all scenarios productive and result-oriented with cloud-based communication.

Cloud is Empowering Education Sector

Traditionally, students had to face difficulty in getting the required information and they had to call repeatedly to get connected with the staff members. This has changed with the introduction of cloud telephony in which students can be routed to the correct department for apt information. 

By adding value to the education industry, this system allows students to communicate beyond the classroom and get relevant information regarding academics. This unified communication has improved the communication process to a greater extent. This can lead to better engagement and learning of students. 

Apart from this, this system can be a one-stop solution for increasing the productivity of agents in the call center. The performance can easily be improved through continuous monitoring for improving the quality of service availed to students. 

Cloud-based solutions have availed an opportunity for students and parents to collaborate and connect irrespective of physical location. The purpose is to facilitate quality education to students without any interruption. The educators can make a superior image by outperforming rivals and attracting more students to get enrolled in the institute or University. Prospective students can connect with the education setting directly and give required information by being a strongarm of the communication process. 

Summing it up!

With advancements in technology, the education industry is changing the way it interacts with students. Finding a unified communication system for seamless communication seems a great win for the education sector. Enhanced mobility and scalability features can help you to get customized solutions at a budget-friendly cost. 

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