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Email hosting service is useful for the professional jobs where we need to share the email id including our business domain names (corporate email id). This is very necessary for your customer to remember your brand name easily & it is also useful to build your brand value.

What is Email Hosting

Email hosting is an Internet hosting service that runs Internet servers. Either one need to setup in-house servers to run such service or need to approach the web hosting providers. Usually small-medium sized Business need to purchase the service. Every business own a domain name & one need the email hosting space to run the business website.

What is the process

1: Get a domain name.

2: Get the Email hosting service. You have to buy it.

3: Configure your domain with server of email hosting.

4: Create the email address e.g. [email protected], where is a business domain name.

5: It is necessary to provide all your employees corporate email id as if they are in conversation with visitors & customers; they may use their business/corporate email id.

6: Manage the space as per the facilities given by the provider.

Email hosting service

Email Hosting providers

There exist some of the top paid & free email hosting providers. All the providers give free POP/IMAP access to retrieve your mail.

1: Top free Email hosting Providers

a ) Zoho Email

  • Known for its CRM service & online document & forms. It providers free service.
  • 20 free accounts
  • No ads anywhere
  • Simple & easy to use interface

b) Yandese Mail

Quite popular Russian portal & providers free email hosting which is reliable in terms of uptime & features dashboard. Easy sign-up but in Russian language.

  • Free 1000 Email accounts.
  • Highly reliable.
  • 10 GB free cloud storage for email accounts.
  • Negative point is that it is available only in Russian language.

c) HostGator, Dreamhost etc.

  • Simple sign-up & free to use.
  • Integrated within their dashboard.
  • No ads.
  • HTML support.
  • Free with web hosting.
  • No Spam filter.
  • Spam delivery may be possible & hence it is less secure.

2: Top Paid Email Hosting

a ) M/S Outlook

Outlook is no longer a free service, but is worth paying for

  • highly reliable in uptime & features of users-friendly dashboard.
  • Open registration where you may allow users to sign-up within your domain.
  • World class email hosting.
  • UL email accounts.
  • Good anti-Spam filter.
  • But ads appearing in the panel adds one negative aspect.

b) Google apps

We know that Gmail is best free service, but paid service will provide you more valuable options.

  • A big bunch of applications including sites, calendar, drive.
  • Best anti-Spam filter.
  • No Ads.
  • 25 GB storage.
  • Cost is though high but worth to pay.

c) Yahoo Email Hosting

  • Another well known name.
  • UL email storage with 20MB attachment size.
  • Reliable & user friendly
  • Good Spam filters.
  • Costly option.

d) Rackspace email hosting

  • Reliable panel.
  • 25 Gb storage per email account.
  • 50 MB attachment.
  • Cheaper than other providers.
  • Spam filters stand very less in front of Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.

Benefits of Email Hosting

1. Management & maintenance: This is the responsibility of the provider so the buyer simply need to enjoy the setup.

2. Cost Effective: As free & paid both the services are available the buyer may choose either to pay or not to pay as per the business demands.

3. Enough storage space.

4. Good anti-Spam filter & a secure system.

5. Backup-recovery: This will though depends on the features of plan you will purchase.

6. Professional proactive: Using email address of own business domain makes you professional & improves your brand value too.

7. White-labelled Email hosting: Purchase the space & sell it to your clients under your own brand name.

8. Trust: Helps building faith is your customers when corporate email id is used for communication account.

9. Secure & reliable.

10. Easy setup & user friendly.

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