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A fresh company possibly follows a few rules or policies being not much known in market and struggling for the existence. A few procedures lead to more efficient results avoiding any kind of confusion and long approval procedures.

But when a company grows and makes a valuable market presence, the team will grow too with more managers, executives involved in a single action. Now, the problem is when a company grows its policies, rules, and procedures also grow as it is thought necessary for a growing company.

The negative impact of these is the involvement of multiple people in one marketing work which include the approval from managers, changes as suggested by the executives and thus the work is completed by many people which results in delay and less effective work.

Many new posts are created and filled but a growing company is mostly unaware of proper division of work among the employees. Say, if the marketing team is creating a email campaign which is to be sent to the subscribers of the company then here with multiple policies the work will be completed late as here there will be a sequence of approval from the managers, the senior executives and this will involve multiple creative minds to get the campaign changed multiple times and still it will not be accurate.

This is a single example, but the same process will be for various bigger projects too leading to delay in deadline to complete a project, unable to serve a good service to the customer any many others.

It’s a big drawback for growing companies and this article will somehow prove to be a teacher in this case. A strict and smart decision is necessary here to discard this game of approvals and involvement of lengthy and multiple procedures. One must focus to create separate teams.

For example there is a team of marketing working on to create a campaign for the customers of great importance. Now, the team should include only one or two approvals of important positions.

If the campaigns is to be sent to less important people then there is no need to involve higher positions to peep into the matter, instead the executives may complete the work and schedule the campaign.

It is very necessary for any team in a growing company to make a proper flowchart of the steps to follow to complete the work with a deadline to complete the work on time. Project completed on time is of more importance than project completed. This deadline always helps the growing company to stay in the market with a good reputation to grow further and further.


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Coming to the two approaches, let us discuss them too.

1. Make your employee fully responsible for work done

We have discussed this above too. When a project is given to an executive a trust is necessary. Let him/her complete the project with his own efforts without any unnecessary involvement of seniors. On completion of project, may it be good or bad, the person itself will be responsible and will have nobody else to blame.

This approach is called “Change for Good”. A responsible person is necessary in any company to complete the project in a better way and on time.

Removing the hierarchical system of approvals by the seniors to make changes in ones work just to make it good in their eyes is a system to be avoided.

Let the person show his own creativity without any modification. This will help judge the person and reward accordingly. Of course there must be certain involvement but for suggestion not for unnecessary modifications.

2. Consequential Actions & Important Audience

Both these factors are associated with each other. We may design 4 kind of boxes based on type of action and type of audience and then decide to make a team to contact each box individually for better uniting with the subscribers.

Now, when it comes to the first box, designing a marketing campaign, for high consequence and important audience, will require involvement of higher authorities to give it a deep view and then schedule the sending. At least 2-3 reviews and one approval from the manager will be necessary.

Similarly, we may follow the approach for the rest of the boxes too.


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This article is useful especially for those companies where work pace is really slow and sometimes the person is unable to understand the reason behind. This information will surely be helpful to every growing company.

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