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Domain is your online name, which shows your presence over the Internet and defines who you are and what you serve. There are multiple categories available in Domain selection. Domain include website address, which is used to access any website. A complete domain name includes website prefix and domain suffix i.e. .com, .net, .in etc. There should be a standard format to make a web domain in which a to z letters and 0 to 9 numbers are included. For example in [email protected], is a domain.

Domain suffix represents the type of particular website. For example .com is for commercial purpose. Domain registration is very cheaper now a days and it’s a best and necessary way to make an online presence.

There should not be any restriction to access any domain regionally. If there is any, then one must know the reason and get the solution ASAP.

Who need Domain?

There is no restriction on who may need the domain but all those who want to make an online presence may buy the domain and make it live. This may include an individual, organization (public or private), small business including shops, factories etc.

Domain is very helpful for every organization to make unique identity in industry. If you have your own registered domain, it shows that how professional you are towards your business. A domain spread your brand name in the online world through the website.

Why we need Domain

  • Domain makes an online unique identity for any organization.
  • It also helps you to grow your business very professionally.
  • It should be unique so to avoid the copyrights issue and increase the brand value.
  • If your Domain is similar to your company name, will help you more to increase the brand value in market.
  • If you are using a genuine Domain or official mail id’s to communicate with your clients, it adds more trust towards to you.
  • Domain also helps you to grow online ranking in search engine.

How to choose the right domain

Domain name includes business name, which then is made live by making an online business as discussed earlier. When we are going to select any domain, make sure it includes your company/business name and select the category of domain as per business scale. If it’s a commercial, one can select .com and if it’s only for India business then preference will be .in domain. If once you have done with registration of any domain then no one can use your domain name.

Domain categories

How to choose a good vendor

If you are good at your place in terms of your quality of services, than you need to choose a good vendor to avoid any kind of issues related to support, connectivity, technicality etc. Always check the tenure of your vendor in this industry when you are selecting. Try to check what kind of brand value it has in market with the help of existing clients or customers. If vendor maintain the quality of services and provide good technical assistance for any issue then we can approach for the same.

Associated services with Domain

Domain is interconnected with multiple services for business, or we can say, to use any good Internet based services you require a domain. If you want to make an online presence via a website then you need a domain first to host your website, make your live presence on Internet with own brand name.

Domain itself generate the mandatory need of services like:

-Domain Registration

-Domain Transfer

-Domain reseller

-Web domain hosting

In Domain there should be division in sub domain. For example [email protected] is main domain, thus is a sub domain of A domain should always be easy to remember and easy to type. In order to make the domain live a hosting provider/service is necessary.

Domain Providers

In India or worldwide we have a lot of domain providers, who deal with domain based services. All domain services operate on different servers. There are some familiar names in domain industry as providers like,,,, etc.

How one can select Domain TLD category for your business

Domain selection matters a lot for brand image. It completely depends on type of your business profile. As we discussed that there are multiple category of Domain .com, .net, .in etc.

On the time of selection check that how helpful will it be for your website Google ranking. Domain plays a very big role in Google ranking.

.COM Domains

Your first choice should be .com before any other extension. This stands for commercial. This domain ranks easily & quickly in search engine. You should choose .com domain if there is availability.

.NET Domains

.NET extension stands for “Network”. Networking & Internet service provider companies mainly use this extension. This is not easy to rank a .net domain; you will need some time & more quality back-links.

.ORG Domains

.ORG is associated with non- profit organization. There are no needs for registration & anyone can register .org domain. .org ranks quickly & easily like .com extension.

.INFO Domains

This stands for “informational” domain & uses for sharing information. This is very difficult to rank this TLD.

Renewal of Domain

Domain registration will be for a time limit. We need to renew the domain after it get expire. You need to pay again the renewal charges for the same domain to continue with the domain services. If the business is set and domain is final then it will be wise to renew the domain for 10 years at once. This will release you from the headache of domain renewal every year and the risk of losing it if not renewed on time.

Sometimes, losing a domain costs a lot in business, as it will then probably be booked or renewed by someone else.

Domain web hosting

You can host your domain over the Internet, make a website and upload it on an online space called hosting. Through the website one may easily explain the work of a company, products scope etc. Explain your business in every bit so to increase the number of pages, but with valuable content. Good content with most searched keywords will surely help increase the indexing of a website in the search engine.

Domain Includes online account management

Provider offers you account management services to easily manage your domain name. And you can make changes in your domain plans as per your requirement.

Virtual Email ID’s based on Domain

If you have a register domain then you can make virtual mail id’s to communicate with your clients. For example [email protected] is virtual mail id based on domain.

Re-buy registered domain

It is also possible to change the owner name of any register domain with new owner name, if previous owner allows. If you need a particular domain name and it is already registered by in other owner bucket then you can put a request to him to get the domain on extra cost. Cost should be depends on brand name.

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