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Hotel-BlogThe hospitality industry is highly dependent on communication to ensure customer satisfaction and efficient business operations. Unfortunately, many brands fail to understand this important need and instead focus on other perspectives.

Although the hotel’s telephone system is still an important tool for customer service. Customers use it to make reservations, call the service center and receive room availability alerts. Let us discuss more about it.

What is a hotel phone system?

The hotel’s telephone systems will let you streamline all the communication channels of the hospitality establishments. In addition, stakeholders such as contractors, suppliers and employees use it to productively manage their operations.

In general, hotel brands focus on designing their telephone systems for their users, including in-house staff, stakeholders and customers.

Some of the key players and their interests in leveraging the centralized telephone system are:

Owner: An entrepreneur needs a smart phone system to keep his managers informed about his business regulations and financial matters.

Operator: This professional focuses on the functionality of the telephone system; they manage communication between guests and staff.

Guests: Hospitality prioritises guests and their needs. The hotel’s telephone system can provide services such as housekeeping, room service and concierge. Currently, guests of hotels and B & Bs use it mainly for Wi-Fi and internal communication.

It should be noted that traditional PBX phone systems are cumbersome for the hospitality giants. This is due to higher system maintenance costs, service bills and the extensive wiring risks involved.

In comparison, VoIP phone systems are more efficient, cheaper, more reliable and have a variety of integrated features for hotels. The VoIP telephone system is a popular means of communication in other industries as well. Sales representatives can make an important contribution to generating ideas.

Reasons to depend on hotel telephone systems

Any phone system performance and connectivity issues can degrade your business. A bad guest experience is an additional loss and hotels are starting to lose customers.

Here are the top benefits of a hotel phone system for hotels to improve the quality of their work and retain customers.

Less cost

The most important advantage of VoIP systems is the reduction of their total guaranteed costs. The addition of traditional wired PBX systems entails additional costs for setting up telephone lines throughout the hotel.

In contrast, you have to pay less for VoIP providers because there is no need for complicated logistics and wiring.

Work efficiency

VoIP phone systems with VoIP technology integrate with business management software and CRM models. Today, most hotels use CRM in their operations, along with integration with Google Workforce, Salesforce, and even Microsoft 365.

Here, using a cloud-based hotel phone system is valuable for employees to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. VoIP-based systems offer many features for easing your process such as booking, file management, data processing, and customer information management.

Customer service initiatives

Hotel telephone systems are mainly used to order room service or toiletries. However, the success of a hotel is determined by how quickly the staff responds and responds to customer requests.

Advanced telephone systems are important here. The hotel staff can systematically organize their services and ensure a top-class user experience on a daily basis.

Easy to use

VoIP phone systems are widely used and most of them simplify the overall performance of employees.

With the help of VoIP telephone systems, employees can seamlessly perform various outgoing and incoming communications. Some examples include the following.

  • Consumers can use mobile VoIP applications and smartphones to stay in touch with employees, even while traveling.
  • The process of booking and managing reservations is easier when connected to both computer and telephone systems.
  • Requests from hotel guests, such as room service, are smoother.
  • Recipients can more easily intercept and transfer their calls; this reduces waiting times and connection problems for potential customers and current guests.

Better check-in process

A VoIP hotel phone system is inbuilt with a unified structure. It works with cloud-based technology, making it easier for hotel staff to manage many tasks, including hotel check-in. Through this system, they can refer to customer data and check the availability of premises more quickly.

Features of the cloud phone system, such as activity flow, help employees keep track of call logs, such as caller name, call status, and missed calls. As a result, they can ensure better handling of customer requests.

Safer information management and communication

The hotel’s telephone systems, which use VoIP technology, allow hotel staff to provide greater information security for their guests. For example, they use features such as auto-delete to get rid of information after customers sign out.

As many travelers are concerned about the distribution of their personal information, providing this additional security would increase their confidence in your hotel service.

Better call management

“There’s only one boss. A customer.” – Sam Walton, founder of Walmart

VoIP customer systems are a significant boon for customer service. Guests often call reception for questions. However, because there are many calls from different guests to the reception desk, which often happens, not every customer can get through it.

VoIP phone systems offer a simpler user interface than unclear dialing plans associated with conventional hotel phone systems. This is useful for both guests and staff to monitor and track internal calls and their timing.


In general, VoIP telephone systems have a number of features that allow brands to take them over into their business. This technology in hotel business can improve customer engagement and experience. So, research wisely, check reviews and choose a reliable service provider for your hotel business.

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