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Many of visiting customers may not prefer to call if they don’t find tollfree number mentioned on website and they may leave your website without purchasing. But a tollfree number allows a customer to call your company without being charged for the call & you will never miss any opportunity. Having a tollfree number encourage customers to buy your product being in direct conversation. It provides your business a cost effective way to improve their sales & business ROI.

This service reduce your monthly phone bills, save your money & time. Let’s have a look that how this tool is beneficial to generate leads & increase ROI.

Improve ROI with tollfree number

Track & Monitor Marketing Campaign

Toll free numbers will help you to track responses or results of their multiple marketing campaigns. Obtain a dedicated toll free number for each campaign & track the number of calls from each campaign. By monitoring the incoming calls company may predict their business growth. Moreover, call monitoring allows business owners identify the strategies which are beneficial for their business growth.

Using different number for different campaign will allow you to determine which campaign is more effective & producing the best ROI.

Audio & Web Conferencing

With this tool you may keep in touch with your users or vendors across the country or world. With this service, you may set up an audio & web conference, and you are connected with your customers or prospects. Conference meeting shall be very effective & it can increase productivity.

Web conferencing allows you to share & present information which can solve customer’s queries. You may give online demo of your services, conduct tutorial sessions of your products, record a web conference & save it for future purpose. So, it helps to build stronger & closer customer relationship.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Toll free numbers help to increase customer service & customer satisfaction by being available to take their calls. This number makes easy for your customers to call you any time, any day. It will attract new customers, generate leads which directly is associated with more sales or business revenue.

It will help you to understand customers expectations or problems & you may then adopt right strategies to fulfill customers demand.


Toll free number is one of the most valuable advertisement tactic. It receives more consumer attention than other contact numbers. It enhances your brand presence, improves your marketing campaigns and customer satisfaction. This marketing tool will help you to increase your leads, sales & business ROI.

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