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IVR or Interactive Voice Response can be the ideal solution for many businesses. If your business calls for availability round the clock, the IVR can be the best replacement for a human voice receptionist. A small business often does not have the budget for 24-hours active customer support. 

Also, what about clients who try to reach out beyond office hours? IVR is an effective solution in such a situation as well.

Besides managing the client queries, IVR also has several other advantages when integrated with CRM and other contact center systems. 

Should you invest in an IVR System- is it worth it?

Let’s delve deeper into the ways IVR Can transform the growth of small businesses.

Speedy call tracking

The IVR can quickly direct your callers efficiently, thus reducing the call hold time. Establish a professional image of the business through automated technology implementation. There will be an automatic call distribution feature that will transfer the call instantly to the correct department.

The call representative and salespersons can take up more calls in less time. So, there will be better client retention. Also, they will be able to focus on other aspects of the business.

Minimized human errors

Any small business finds it difficult to recruit more than one receptionist due to the low budget. Also, it is difficult for one customer representative to attend to all the customer queries at a time. It will become a burdensome responsibility for one agent to answer all the calls. 

Eventually, this would lead to more human errors. The most sound solution to all these problems is using the IVR system that runs with an automated system.  Such a system is capable of taking a high volume of calls 24*7.

Streamlining Sales

It is much easier to finalize sales using IVR solutions. When you can get faster orders, you also have greater inbound call capacity. This way, you can process a higher number of orders daily. 

Productivity of the business increases through such systems. As a result, there is a significant rise in your sales revenue. The sales workflow is also improved. Thus, a small business gets a better opportunity to grow.

Business appears more professional

A proper IVR solution gives an impression of professionalism to potential clients. Many huge business giants implement such automation, and clients tend to rely more upon it when they feel your business approach is equally professional.

This is a way to project a bigger image of your business. As a result, more finalized deals will be coming your way, enabling consistent growth for the business.

Inbound call capacity improved

What is better than improving your INBOUND LEADS capacity?

With the help of IVR direct callers, answering more calls simultaneously gets easier, irrespective of the volume of the calls. It helps the customers to self-serve, which often helps to sort out their queries even before they connect with the call representatives of the company. The customer has to wait till the support executive has finished assisting the previous client otherwise.

In case the call is busy, the IVR system directs the call to another agent. Thus, the call gets transferred at a higher volume to the available customer representatives.

Better scope for personalized service

Personalization is another important feature of an interactive voice response system. It helps in maintaining a better relationship and communication between the company and the customers. 

One unique feature of the service is personalized greetings. It makes the customers feel more valued. The program uses the personal data of the customer to recognize and appropriately interact with them. Also, there are options provided for various languages so that customers belonging to any region can speak freely in their mother tongue. 

These qualities enhance the relationship with the customer and also help in the progression of global marketing.

Lesser abandonment

With an advanced IVR solution, completing the transactions and query solutions gets quicker. Thus, the number of customers hanging up on you and abandoning the transaction gets reduced too. 

Small businesses that have a smaller number of human resources particularly face such troubles. Frustrated customers hanging up because they have to wait too long for the agent to answer also diminishes the brand reputation over time.

Building trust and brand image 

A small business relies greatly on its brand image and gaining the trust of their customer.  Building a powerful brand image is possible using the IVR system and it is not possible if you are using a regular phone system. The IVR system uses a professional tone while greeting a caller that portrays a professional image of the company.

Let’s Sum Up-

There’s nothing more precious than time, and why waste it on tasks that can be automated? Do NOT consider the IVR System as an expense. It will be more of an INVESTMENT that enhances your business productivity. Consider the return on investment and invest in a robust IVR System like the one SARV offers. 

With our optimized IVR Service, you can build your brand image while seamlessly connecting with your customers. 

The result you get because of the implementation of the IVR System can help the business in the long run. It is wise to consider such a system for your business due to the benefits shared above. 

Got any more queries? Shoot us an email or talk to our experts for guidance on how IVR System can help you boost sales.

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