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To get positive results from email marketing channel, you have to make sure that you are choosing a right Email marketing service provider. This should match your needs perfectly. If you are new to email marketing, then you have to do research about Email service provider (ESP).

You must choose a good service provider that offers solutions & services which are relevant to your business. Take a look at some points before choosing an email marketing service provider:

Define your requirements

Before choosing any service provider you have to define your requirements. Make a list of all your concerns:

  • What is your marketing goal?

  • What your business need?

  • What is your budget?

  • What plan best suits you- monthly package or pay only for what you use?

  • What does your business want to achieve with email marketing?

  • What level of support should your business need?

Market Search

Before selecting a service provider, always do market research. This would help you to save more money.

  • Make a list of some email marketing service providers & their features.

  • Compare features & track what features fit your needs.

  • Make sure provider offer a professional support to your business.

  • Check features like beautiful templates, easy to use platform, mobile responsive designs, social media integration, email scheduling, tracking etc.

  • Service provider’s help to ensure email are legally compliant with CAN-SPAM act.

  • Is a demo available before transaction?


  • When you are looking an email marketing service provider, you must be clear about their services & packages.

  • You should make sure that there are no hidden charges.

  • Most of service providers charge monthly, annually & pay as you go basis for their services.

  • Choose plan that fits into your budget.


  • You should choose a service provider which is white listed with all major ISPs like: AOL, Gmail, Yahoo, and outlook etc.

  • Your service provider must provide full report about email delivering & able to report you which emails were not delivered & why.

  • You must also find out that service provider offers advanced delivery tools.

  • They should respond to complaints quickly & revert in professional manner.

  • Service provider must be reputable.


  • An email marketing service provider should provide 24/7/365 support.

  • In case of any problem, their professional support team must be efficient enough to resolve problem.

  • You should check what kind of support is provided by the company.

  • Today service providers offer the support in many ways like phone support, email, ticket system & live chat etc.

  • Knowledge of technical support team must be very good, so they can resolve your queries almost instantly.

Questions to ask while choosing email marketing service

1. What does my business want to achieve with email marketing?

2. What is my marketing budget?

3. Should i design my email newsletters using a template or pay for custom design?

4. Do i need a service provider to plan email marketing strategy?

5. What type of content & images should use in my email campaigns?

6. What level of customer support should my company expect?

7. What type of tracking factors will measure the effectiveness of my campaigns?

If you have any suggestions, please share with us. We’d like to hear from you!

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