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how to get loyal customers through sms

Today, Businesses are using smart ways to retain customers & build a relationship with them. Mobile advertising is one of those smart ways because mobile is the most used communication channel. It’s one of the most effective tools marketers can use to grow an active customer base and drive sales.

SMS marketing or text message marketing is the fastest-growing channel in mobile advertising, which is used to send text-message advertisements to customers. It can be a powerful tool for driving sales, retain new customers, and deepening relationships with a potential customer.

The average response time for text messages is 90 seconds, so SMS campaigns are most effective when the messages you communicate are immediate, useful to the customer, and carry a clear call-to-action. The purpose of mobile marketing is to build & create a list of potential customers & target a specific market niche.

Here are some best practices which can help you to get new customers, build customer loyalty & drive more sales.

Accurate Targeting of Your Customers

Mobile marketing is permission-based. SMS text messaging allows your customers to sign up for messaging alerts via text message. It is a way to get their permission to add their phone number to your list. A list of permission-based subscribers is highly effective for many reasons, which helps to make the information on your list more accurate & relevant, therefore making the messages you send to your audience more targeted and effective. If your message is not going in the right pocket, it’s useless.

If you’re operating a multiple-location business you may want to give customers the ability to

subscribe only to a certain location’s updates, and what’s possible with a good SMS advertising. Segmentation of your list can help to send specific messages to specific groups which ensuring the targets of your marketing messages are accurate and appropriate.

Accurately targeted SMS campaigns can help to retain new customers in the long-term because customers are receiving messages that match their needs, interests, and relate to their physical location. Customers are more likely to buy from your business for the long term if the messaging is more relevant and more personal.

Smart Deals & Special Offers

A great way to increase your subscribers is to offer a discount with an easy sign-up form. You must create a compelling offer. In order to get new customers, you may offer discount coupons to your subscribers for selected products or services. Consumers are always looking for smart deals & special discount coupons.

By using SMS, consumers can save their precious coupons on their phones. You should also offer attractive deals to your potential customers to keep them regular. Send your regular customers messages carrying the offers & deals best for them.

If you’re a retailer, the text is a great way to promote offer codes that can be tracked at the point of sale.

Text message offers can be delivered immediately, personalized with unique offer codes for each individual recipient, and configured with dynamic expiration dates so you have ultimate control over redemption.

With SMS you can send text offers like personalized coupon codes or Creating a generic discount code that can be used by anyone receiving the text. You can also use a short URL, link to a mobile-optimized landing page that contains a web coupon including images & even scannable barcodes.

Personalize Your Message

Your subscribers can become your loyal & potential customers. For this, you would need to make them feel special by providing them exclusive deals and discounts. You should also give them SMS alerts & updates if there is any offer or new product & service. Your subscribers would value your messages when you will give them such information through your short messages.

As with email, you can use merge data tags in your text messages to personalize content. This means you can include information like a customer’s first name, date of last purchase, favorite menu item, or whatever data you’ve collected to make your SMS messages feel more personal and relevant.

Allow subscribers to choose what type of information they want to receive through text message & when, it improves engagement, loyalty, satisfaction & sales.

Plan Different Ways To Reach Customers

Now is the time to try new ways to connect with your customer. Integrate your SMS with different channels like social media & email. Add a call-to-action out to every email that goes out. Ask your Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and email subscribers to sign up for your SMS list. They can be your potential customers.

You must also focus on what types of offers & messages receive the best results & drive more traffic to your mobile site or your store. And try to ask your customers & subscribers what types of messages they’d like to receive. For this, you can create a survey to get customer feedback. It is a great way to keep customers happy & loyal.

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