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Voice broadcasting is a cost-effective & valuable marketing tool to deliver a voice message to thousands of your customers or prospects at a time. It can be used for a number of purposes like promotional messages, appointment reminders, product or service information, phone surveys, offers & discounts, and much more. To Learn More about Voice Broadcast, Read our previous articles.

Your marketing strategy must include voice broadcasting with other means of marketing & communication like Email marketing, SMS marketing or text message marketing, Cloud telephony, Social media marketing, etc.

But to get success, you have to do it right. You should keep in mind some elements such as:

1. Start your message with an Introduction.

2. Mention your offer or information clearly.

3. Include a clear call to action.

4. Include a opt-out option in your message.

5. Close your message.

This video will help you to better understand voice broadcast & how to use it effectively. Watch this Video NOW!

How to Use Voice Broadcast Effectively

Voice broadcast is a cost effective & valuable tool to deliver your message to thousands of your customers or prospects at a time. In this video, we’ll l…

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