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The real estate industry has been booming due to the increased demand for homes and accommodation. This sector faces fierce competition given the huge client base and many competitors. Experts believe that the real estate companies that use innovative methods and technology to better their business operations have a significant competitive advantage.

Most importantly, the real estate industry is primarily centered on customer service. It’s also vital that real estate brokers regularly get in touch with their prospects. As a result, a real estate firm must maintain a profitable and healthy client relationship while maintaining a professional image.

In this post, we’ll go over a few key points that highlight how cloud-hosted toll-free number services may assist real estate organizations in overcoming some of the most frequent problems in the sector.

Improve your business’ credibility

Credibility in the real estate business is very critical. People like to deal with realtors with an established brand.

A toll-free number communicates that a company is well-established and reliable to potential customers. Many people believe that toll-free numbers are only available to large corporations, but a vanity number may make your local firm appear bigger even if you’re a one-man band. The number clarifies what is on offer, and the dedication and money put into developing a clear corporate statement reassure individuals.

No more losing leads

If your business receives a significant volume of inbound calls and doesn’t have a system to handle them, you’re likely to lose leads. That is the first indication that your company needs to integrate the toll-free number with your existing CRM systems.

Your CRM will give you insights into calls answered, refused, or left unattended. You can track the number of incoming calls and key details such as when individuals call you the most.

Much more than that, you can track the information of customers who call you. You can use that information to generate leads that may become future purchases. With the hosted toll-free numbers, you can make the most of the customer data, for example, understanding the buying patterns, and demand for specific property types or areas, among others.

Better conversion rates using Vanity Numbers

Although you can choose any toll-free, that is easy to remember, vanity numbers improve your brand significantly. Vanity phone numbers are toll-free numbers in which the numeric digits correlate to the alpha-numeric keypad’s alphabets. This enables vanity numbers to describe certain phone numbers as phone words, such as 1-800-ESTATE or 1-800-LAND, etc.

Many real estate organizations have witnessed double-digit gains in direct marketing response rates and even greater lead conversions when utilizing a company representative vanity number, so it’s simple to understand the branding advantages of vanity numbers.

Moreover, built into the customers’ memory, these numbers often build a recall value for your brand.

Broaden your market react

A study shows that advertisements done with a toll-free number can get you approximately 30% more orders than advertisements done without a toll-free number. 

A toll-free number adds to your credibility and enhances your marketing reach.

You will not have to think twice while taking your business global with the toll-free number. You can very well present a global corporate image through several toll-free lines with different country codes. Your prospects can connect with you from any part of the world without thinking about the international call costs.

Buyers and investors who look for international properties to invest in will find your brand reliable with the established toll-free numbers.

Enhanced customer service

A toll-free number allows you to connect callers directly with the appropriate executive. It also allows your staff to respond to consumer inquiries quickly and efficiently without extra work.

With toll-free numbers, your consumers can call you free of charge and from any location. This allows you to be reachable to your customer 24*7. It develops your company’s image as a caring brand and makes it a go-to choice for your customers.

Wrapping Up

Buying a property is a huge thing, which means your client will want to keep in touch with you throughout the process, whether it’s for last-minute worry, paperwork questions, or just advice. These numbers allow you to be in touch with customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist them in making this important decision. Many real estate owners are already taking huge advantage of toll-free numbers offered by SARV to establish credibility and reliability amongst their customers.   The service has helped our clients in closing big deals and attracting a great customer base.

So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your branding experience with SARV’s toll-free number service. 

Make the move today and get a toll-free number for your real estate business!!

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