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During the past few years, the education system has been highly affected and forced to adjust to the changes. To keep up with the things and empower students with education, institutions have used technology to the best of their powers. Classroom teaching is changing these days, and students are becoming more tech-savvy.

To meet the changing demands of the education system, unified cloud-communication platform pops as the best solution. 

Traditional telephony systems require huge infrastructure, whereas cloud-telephony systems do not require any heavy back-end equipment within the premises. It reduces the overhead of installation and maintenance. Cloud Telephony services can be easily accessible to even remote students. 

Use the power of IVR, call recording, video broadcasting, voice broadcasting and bulk SMS to ease the communication process within the institute without much investment. 

Cloud communication has infinite benefits and can make the education system strong. Continue reading the article to know how education institutes can leverage the power of cloud-based business communication systems.

Impact of Cloud Telephony In The Education Sector

During the admission period, education institutes get busy with huge numbers of calls coming from all directions. To answer queries coming from numerous parents, they need a brilliant interface that aids in proper response to parents and a specific solution to their problems. Huge staff allotment is not profitable in such a case.

So to provide correct and timely responses, schools are using the IVR system. Cloud Telephony is a caller-friendly caller base that guides the caller to follow specific instructions that are easy to follow. For example, if parents want to know their child’s results, they do not have to wait over the call. The IVR System instructs them to enter the student Id and they can access the report card within minutes.

Announcements of the most important events can be easily circulated with parents through a pre-recorded voice note. This is how you can ensure that students/parents get correct information timely with Cloud Telephony without using much workforce.

Even when the student or their parents have any doubt regarding administration, providing them with your cloud telephony number can ease the process of query resolution.

If the doubts come under the most frequently asked questions, your IVR system will provide them with the most appropriate answer. If the doubt comes under a different question category, you can modulate your IVR system so that your students get a form where their credentials and questions. After proper research, the institute representative can contact the student regarding doubt clarification. 

In this way, cloud Telephony provides an effective base of communication.

Always remember that the students are the major assets of any educational institute. Make sure they can easily reach the institute to clarify any doubts. Using SARV’s Click To Call feature, institutes can provide a button where students click and connect to the virtual receptionist.

With the traditional telephony system, the probability of human errors increases, and we may miss out on some students. Usage of the IVR system ensures institutes send messages through a single tap.

Cloud Telephony is Power

Cloud Telephony is also powerful during the Institute Enrollment Process. When any other parent or student wishes to know more about your institute, the success rate, fee scheme, or provision of extracurricular activities, the institute needs to reply quickly. To assure this, IVR System reduces the waiting period, and queries are answered within no time.

Call routing to specialists is done through a cloud system. Now route queries easily through Call Routing to specific experts for academic, extracurricular, sanitation, and fee structure. To provide the best answer, Cloud Telephony is the best solution.

With Toll-Free Numbers, it also becomes easier for parents to ask questions to teachers with less hesitation and more eagerness. It allows them to clarify all sorts of doubts.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits in Enrollment Process and other query solving issues, IVR and other cloud telephony services are highly useful in educational institutes. Some of which are-

  1. Informing students regarding fee status.
  2. Conveying information to parents and students regarding weekly, monthly or yearly attendance status. 
  3. It also becomes easy to let students know about their results and status reports. 
  4. IVR System makes it easy for institutes to circulate timetables, test schedules, or other crucial information.

Increase Your Enrollments Exponentially With Cloud Telephony

Educational institutes are under constant pressure to improve their collaboration and communication. With technological advancement, parents and government are constantly asking institutes to find a unified solution for a better communication process. 

In such a case, cloud telephony flashes as the best answer. It increases mobility, scalability and productivity of institutes within their budget.

The Cloud communication solution served by SARV has helped various institutes. Improved learning, better engagement, call handling, and increased control over the call traffic, everything offered at affordable costs. 

Get the power of scalability, resilience and flexibility with cloud-powered communication that SARV offers.

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