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Secrets To Achieve -Success

Bill Gates is considered as the richest and most successful businessmen across the world. Although he failed hundreds of times before he succeeded, sometimes his parents were not happy when he decided to drop out of college so he could start his company and sometimes when people stopped buying after knowing his short age. But he never gave up on his dream. Had he done so, invention of the most popular Operating System “Windows” would have been attributed to someone else.

1. Be a Magnet and attract positive things only

Think only about the things you achieved and want to achieve vanishing all you failures and obstacles. Thinking about what is good in my life puts in a much positive mood than thinking about what is not good.

Every person is a magnet himself, when you think about what is not working in your life you attract more of it. Conversely think about and be grateful for the good in your life you will attract more of it.

2. Think, Think and Think!

Your thoughts have an immortal energy. Infact your life story comes from your thoughts and picture of yourself in your mind. You get to write the plot of your life story.

So, if you want to see yourself as a successful entrepreneur or a very successful businessmen start living your thought, the more you will live the more frequency will be radiated from your thoughts and hence more faster you will attract your goal.

“Ideas are no one’s monopoly. Think big, think fast, think ahead.” — Dhirubhai Ambani

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3. Be focused for your goals

There is no doubt that your thoughts attract things but before start thinking you have to know your real goals. If you are very clear and focused about your goals  and find ways to incorporate that goal in your life daily, you’ll be able to maintain that happy feeling and attract more of it into your life.

“Success comes to the person who is looking for it but not to the person who is just waiting for it.”

4. Are plans really required??

Again you don’t have to have a perfect plan yet. You just must be able to believe enough in yourself and the universe to know that it is possible for this to happen to YOU.

   “Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.” Gloria Steinem

All you need is to just prepare yourself for your goals. You have to be very concise and as clear as crystal about your goals. Imagining is itself is the best plan to carry you to your dream. All you have to do is to live your imagination as they are alive and even informing you your goal will start running in a plan in an immutable way.

5. Visualize your thought

Before you ever become successful, you should already be successful in your mind.

Once you’ve spent so much time thinking about a goal that you can see it, touch it, taste it, and smell it with your mind’s eye, you won’t easily give up on it.

Imagine that you have achieved your goals. See yourself in the present accomplishing whatever it is that you dreamed about.

Key to Success

6. Ignore the doubts of others

In 1995, a computer programmer started auctioning off stuff on his personal website. Auction Web, as it was then known, was just a personal project and no more than an entertainment media for people, but when the amount of web traffic made it necessary to upgrade to a business Internet account, Omidyar had to start charging people. He actually hired his first employee to handle all the payment checks which could be marked as obstacle by a common  man but was just ignored by Pierre Omidyar. The site is known as “eBay.”

By thinking about our obstacles we attract them more. So we should start avoiding them rather than keep on thinking of them.

So we can say that life runs in the “law of attraction”- the principle that “like attracts like”. Thinking about money, wealth  and happiness attract these very things causing them to manifest in your life. Likewise, fretting over a worst-case scenario will only cause your fears to be realized. Hence, dreams do infact come true. There are no accidents and bad luck. Instead “Your life right now is a reflection of your past thoughts.”

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