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Gone are the days when UCaaS (Unified Communications as a service) and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) were viewed as separate entities aimed at various user groups. Today, platforms and capabilities are converging to assist enterprises and contact centers in improving customer and employee experiences.

Why does your business need UCaas and CCaas integration?

Whether you own an on-premise contact center or not, keeping customers happy is one critical priority for every business, including yours. You may be looking for solutions for expanding and managing your remote teams without affecting their productivity. Or you may be seeking technological solutions that improve the efficiency of your business teams.

If that describes your situation, there are two steps you need to take:

  • The first is an openness to cloud-based UC (Unified Communication). It is true whether you are looking for more than mere telephony or a premise-based UC. It consolidates and integrates communications with exclusive features like bridge calls, call routing or forwarding, voice to email transcription. To be specific, UCaas facilitates in-office collaboration and supports mobility.
  • The next is to see the value of integrating the two exciting technologies that can improve your ability to respond to your customers’ needs promptly and effectively.

Benefits of integrating UCaaS and CCaaS

Now when you have realized the importance of UCaaS, let’s find out the benefits of integrating your contact center with your business:

Customer centricity

Allowing experts team to interact with the customers, in addition to the contact center executives, brings customer to the center.

For Instance, when agents are unable to manage client issues on their own, the interference of the experts enables them to resolve the issue. That further develops confidence and trust among the customers. It is possible only when your contact center integrates unified communications platforms.

The effective combination of UCaaS and CCaaS is the novel approach that enables firms to provide unprecedented levels of customer service. Agents may now draw on the experience of the entire firm, and office workers can now communicate directly with consumers without duplicating the efforts of the contact center.

Strengthen the backend collaboration

Workplace information silos have been a source of anxiety for far too long. The more inefficiencies, errors, and time-consuming difficulties you have amongst different groups of people, the more likely your business will suffer profitability.

Experts opine that collaboration is much smoother when UCaaS and CCaaS are merged. Contact center agents and internal departments can work together directly. Passing a warm lead to the sales department from the contact center will take only a few minutes.

Data Visibility enables better insights

Hundreds of millions of bytes of data are created every day due to the massive migration to digital space. Enabling businesses to use the proper field data to understand their customers better and provide more pleasing customer experiences is incredibly useful.

The convergence of UCaaS with CCaaS allows corporate management teams to have a 360-degree view of client interactions. As a result, establishing a single point of truth for data analytics becomes more straightforward. Besides, some of the merged solutions of both the technologies with enabled AI help the businesses identify patterns and relationships, making the data more insightful.

Business Agility

The most critical benefit of linking UCaaS and CCaaS is evident in the post-pandemic era. As the times are uncertain, businesses need to ensure that they are up and running irrespective of the external situations. The technological integration of these two tools keeps the teams aligned and working.

Besides, the recent shift to a hybrid and remote work culture required many businesses to invest in cloud-based solutions. Most importantly, along with the streamlined communications, policy implementation and tracking privacy and access are easier since everyone will be accessing from a common cloud-based ecosystem.


Cost is a crucial point for any decision-making in a business, even if it is about investing in innovation. However, cloud-based communications come with little initial investment, lower maintenance costs, and many other ways to save on cost components.

The combined environment of CCaaS and UCaaS will take your team’s productivity to the next level, allowing you to build and develop strong customer relationships. As a result, earning maximization will be your last concern.

Save Your Communication Expenses With UCaaS and CCaaS Integration 

When the world is changing quickly, the cloud-based ecosystem is the best way to ensure flexibility and agility. Instead of juggling tasks, your personnel can focus on more strategic activities.

A suitable cloud telephony service provider like SARV would also offer required training to your team for smooth functioning in the future as well. Give your brand amazing benefits of integration and let your customer journey mapping run smoothly. 

For more information about how unified communication services can help your business, contact our experts at 9111-9111-00 or 1800-123456-001 or drop an email at [email protected].

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