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Interactive voice response (IVR) offers a bridge passing information asked. Plays a crucial role in providing efficient customer service. The users can access the information from anywhere at anytime simply by following on-line instructions. If you implement it properly, it can increase customer satisfaction, ROI & offer new services.

IVR’s can provide information to callers in one of two ways:

Pre-recorded information

No headache, simply pre-record your voice for certain cases like, Examples are: procedural or “how to” information like Income tax filing procedures, bank account opening or credit card application procedures, etc.

Live information from database

These IVR’s get information from databases, convert to voice, and speaks back to the caller. Examples include Phone banking (where you call in, dial in your account number and can hear your account balance on phone), Courier package tracking (where you call in, dial the tracking number, and the system tells you whether the packet has been delivered or if it is in transit, etc.)

IVR for different industries checklist is mentioned below:

IVR’s for Educational Institute

IVR for an educational institute shall cover the following informations.

1. Fee installment paid/due status

2. Attendance status of student

3. Marks scored in test or exam.

4. Remark given by teachers

5. Exam time-table or class timetable

6. Test schedule & test syllabus

7. Admission inquiry & status of admission for any application

8. Vacancies for faculty

9. Any important announcement for students & parents.

10.Automatic reminders on students number.


IVR for Call Center

IVR is one of the most important technology you can use for your call center. Call center open 24/7 in a week and receive a large number of phone calls. Call center handle customer service, customers support, telemarketing, telesales & collections jobs. IVR gives callers an option when there are high call volume. It is very effective way to handle multiple calls & it don’t need a break.

1. By using this system, your call center’s call volume will be increased.

2. Callers have option to get desired information.

3. Save your money & improves service


Hosted IVR for Retail Industry

Retailers should use hosted IVR solution to deliver high quality customer service.

1. Provide Information to customers which include store locations, hours of operations & employee extensions.

2. Vendors can provide service to their clients 24/7.

3. Information of order status & confirmation, and package tracking with a special purchase code.

4. Due bills reminders along with current balance status & payment history.

5. Provide work scheduling notifications for employees.

6. Outbound IVR calls of a survey to get customers feedback.

7. Provide information about available jobs.


IVR Technology for the Healthcare Industry

IVR can help health-care industry to communicate with patience & employees more effectively.

1. Appointment reminders & confirmations

2. Physician lookup & locators

3. Patient’s information to increase efficiency & quality of patient’s care

4. Prescription refills & pickup reminders

5. Automated patient survey to improve experience

6. Process payment over the phone


IVR for Finance Industry

1. Enables customers to check their balance, transfer money, make a payment & more.

2. Provide information of branch locations

3. Alerts & reminders

4. Automated surveys to measure customer satisfaction

5. Inform customers about account/policy/claims updates

6. Card activations & authorizations

7. Special promotion & fraud alerts


IVR System for Entertainment Industry

1. Movie ticket pre-purchase

2. Locations & directions of theaters

3. Payment & credit card verifications

3. Refund information

4. Notifications of movie timing

5. Information about an event or show

6. Automated survey after the event to know people feedback


IVR for Telecom Industry

1. Customer service enquiries

2. Collect call verification & announcement

3. Emergency service notification

4. Offer your service information

5. Introduce new applications or features of already existing applications

6. Payment related information transmission


IVR for Hospitality Industry

IVR can help hospitality in many ways & improve customer service.

1. Information of hotels, amenities, locations & facilities.

2. Hotel booking & confirm reservation

3. Room service could be availed without having to speak to anyone

4. Scheduled change notifications

5. Departure & billing reminders

6. Provide driving direction to the venue

7. Provide assistance to foreign guests in their native language

8. Answer frequently asked questions

9. Customer satisfaction survey


IVR for Political Parties

IVR system is widely used in India as well as overseas by political parties in order to reach their voters.

1. IVR can be used to register new members with phone number

2. Provide information about your party & campaign

3. Use IVR to register complaints by voters.

4. Conduct survey or polls to get feedback from voters

5. Provide information to voters in their native language

6. Add your party manifesto in IVR system


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