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IVR Surveys to Bind Your Team Together

The IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is an automated customer service solution that uses pre-recorded responses to meet the caller’s needs – ideal for your incoming call centers.

As a business owner or part of senior management, it is important to make sure you communicate with employees on a regular basis. You need to not only monitor and support them professionally but also better understand what your team needs to promote a healthy work culture.

Not sure how you can do this when your team is scattered across a city or country without plans to continue working in the office?

Sending an email is fine, but have you heard of IVR voice polls?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a cloud communication feature where an automated system communicates with people using voice and touch technology. It can be used to gather feedback, consumer experience as well as employee feedback.

Read on to learn more about IVR voice interviews and how they can help you work remotely effortlessly!

Timely Check-in:

Understandably, managers may not register with their team members daily, especially for a larger group.

However, setting up Sarv’s IVR voice survey can be very helpful here. The survey results could help the leader share the team with people who seem to be fine and directly support those seeking help.

Survey questions can be used to determine motivation, moods, feedback on support, and more. It could also ask employees for suggestions to make the teleworking experience more convenient.

Smooth Communication:

Because people work from home, they automatically do multiple tasks. Whether it’s juggling homework or problems with children and family while working full time, office hours are sure to be filled with interruptions. This has caused people to work on very different schedules, and so a simple task like scheduling a meeting or conference call can be a headache.

These complications can be easily resolved by conducting a survey and asking people to dedicate a certain amount of day to meetings or collaboration. Conducting a structured survey also allows your employees to plan around and choose time periods.

Team Tying:

A large part of working in an office is the work culture. While focusing on work is important, it is just as essential to ensure that your employees have fun and are busy with their work. It helps you increase productivity, keep employees longer, and make your business a great place to work.

Creating this culture and relationship with your employee takes time, care, and planned effort. Just as your staff team planned festivities and helped staff relax, it is just as important to do it virtually.

Use the IVR voice survey to understand and plan virtual activities. You can give your employees various options in which they would like to participate virtually, collaborate to plan the festival, and even invite suggestions on how to celebrate the day when everyone returns to the office.

Safety First:

Thanks to technology and the availability of the Internet, employees from different cities can work together without any problems.

As an organization with multiple departments and a growing staff, it would be difficult to collect this data over the phone. Doing this via email would be a long and tedious process for employees.

IVR voice interviews allow questions to be tailored to the parameters you want to consider, and employees can answer during multitasking, saving time.

Better Governance:

As a business owner or manager, it can be challenging to monitor team goals and performance. Even if you have a lot of data to map them, you can still do a lot with a large team.

You can create structures where the team conducts a weekly survey, highlighting the week’s highs and lows, goals, deadlines. These surveys may also include a question where the employee can share potential complaints or ask for suggestions for better work.

An IVR voice interview is beneficial if you want your employees to think about their own performance and answer questions before evaluating or conducting a performance meeting.


In Short:

IVR voice polling is a simple, convenient, and cloud-based feature that should not be missed, especially when fighting the brutal consequences of a pandemic.

These surveys can ensure your ongoing communication with employees, meeting their needs, and creating the perfect telecommuting system. This will be especially useful in the coming months, as it will ensure that the transition from remote to actual office equipment is smooth and easy for all parties.

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