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Know Why You Need A Virtual Receptionist [4 Situations]
Imagine a situation, when your very potential client is trying to connect with you and unfortunately you’re outside that time.

Then, your receptionist picked up the call and said words like


He is unavailable…

You can call after some time.

You need to..

What if instead of these lines you get to hear,

I’ll be glad to find out for you.

So and so seem to be busy in a meeting, but I’ll happy to arrange a return call for you as soon as the meeting is over.

If you want, I’d happy to arrange a salesperson to assist in your case. Will that work for you?

This simple change can improve your first impression in such a high extent that increasing sales for you will become an easier task.

How can you avoid something which is adding lustre to the first impression of our company? After all, that is the judging stage of your company. If you’re still in the confusion that why to go for a Virtual Receptionist then I have some of the statistics found by Google which will compel you to think twice about it.

More than 50% of mobile callers try to complete a purchase when they call a business directly.

79% of people say that they will not call back if their call goes unanswered.

Inbound sales calls will double from 30 billion to 60 billion in 3 years

61% of all mobile searches where a customer contacts a business it is via a phone call

If you are in a situation that “I have just started now and have a small business, I have a lot of things except it to do, why I should waste time on it. ”

If you’re really concerned about your investment and why not you should be, but don’t let this confusion ruined your business leads,

I have 4 situations for you If somehow any way you are able to picturise yourself in these situations, then stop thinking more and go and get a virtual Receptionist for you. Your business really needs it.

4 Situations Where You Require A Virtual Receptionist


#1. I Can’t Stay In Contact 24X7

If your business needs a lot of travelling and dealing with clients overseas, over the countries or even over a city. And you’re person who can’t remain active all the time answering your email or your professional call.

You really need it. It’s not lazy, it won’t take any leave and even if you’re not present in the office it will remain in its full active mode 24X7.

This is what you are? Yes! A busy bee. Don’t worry, stay calm and remain busy in expanding your business and stop thinking about managing your clients when you’re unable to do that.

#2. I Don’t Want To Expand My Resources

If you’re very much concerned about expanding your resources and thinks a lot before any investment, yet you need a full-time reception and planning to hire one.

Still you don’t want to get into those sick leaves and account wages. Then Virtual Receptionist could be the best choice for you.

No Leaves, no salary increment only helping voice for your customers.

#3. I Don’t Like Wasting Time For New Staff

If you are concerned that after giving proper training to you newly staff you yet don’t receive any confirmation that whether they will continue their job last long or not.

So, if you feel that training new people are nothing more than a just waste of time and your resources, then Virtual Receptionist is the best option for you, it won’t leave your job until you want.

#4. Customer Service Is My Main Priority

If you’re a business owner with the thought that customer service is my first priority. You hate when people complain about your availability.

You simply hate when you customers suffer because of you. And the most important you feel exhausting when a lead slips from hand just because you did not attend the call

If these are your problem, the Virtual Reception is a stuff which will give your customers all-time welcome and that too with a human touch.

Whether you’re present or not to pick up the call, your customers will be directed in the best manner they can

So, in any of these points If you felt yes! Yes! It’s me, then accept the truth say loudly yes, I want this and go for it before you get left by any of your potential customers.

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