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Customer experience management holds great importance in growing your business whether you are dealing with existing customers or newer ones. This is also regarded as ‘customer retention’ in which nurturing relationships with them is key for growing business. Out of different customer retention strategies, marketing automation is a proven method to streamline marketing workflow to ensure smooth lead generation and customer acquisition processes. The blog will explain how marketing automation becomes a stellar approach for retaining an active customer base.

Why is Customer Retention Important?

No doubt, many of your company’s sales will be drawn by your existing customers and because of this taking care of their needs is a priority. Retaining customers will give you an opportunity to enhance lifetime customer value (LCV) and it will also lead to more profits. These are your long-term customers who will bring useful data and help you in strategizing marketing campaigns. Automated marketing is software for making a wide reach to your target customers by working on detailed insights. Companies often adopt the pragmatic approach to measure retention rate by comparing the current rate with past performance.

What is a Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a recent development in the marketing arena offering you a platform where you can automate your routine marketing tasks. It can make many tasks not easier and faster without the requirement of any human effort. In the process of lead generation, sales professionals find it difficult to collect customer data and struggle to put it to use. Marketing automation is there to overcome this limitation by streamlining the time-consuming marketing workflows. 

Make Your Customers Come Back with Marketing Automation 

Thoughtful integration of marketing automation can create a fertile ground for strong and healthy relationships with customers. Here are 5 ways automated marketing can help in customer retention:

  • Connecting with Customers

As an integration of channels such as emails, chats, social media and telephone calls, marketing automation can create consistent value for customers. Every detail regarding the customer journey is recorded and analyzed in the tool so that businesses can connect with them to boost sales. Also, understanding customers and their behaviors can let you modify customer experience when possible. 

  • Creating Engagement Across Channels

With the help of the right tool, you can send the right messages to customers at the right time. It is possible with marketing automation wherein the right content can help you to generate quality leads. It can affect their purchase decision and it will make your lead highly interested. When all channels are integrated, your salesperson will have to spare less time in recognizing the problem and they can effortlessly solve issues with relevant answers. 

  • Informative Lead Insights

As we are already aware that marketing automation promotes real-time communication, it gives a clear idea of how accurately it can uplift customer experience. Get the lead insights through feedback and recommendations so that you have a track of improvements that you need to make. Customers can become advisors for your business when you focus on things that matter to them. Guess what? You can retain customers very easily as you are listening to them and you are willing to make changes as needed.

  • Facilitate End-to-End Customer Experience 

Active engagement with customers is essential to keep your business at the top of their minds. Proactive interactions will make customers feel special and they will come in repeat. As a part of a marketing automation strategy, when you utilize newsletters featuring your industry news keeping your customers informed will create a passive engagement with them. Also, early-stage content will help you in doing the groundwork that you need to do for the new area of business. 

  • Supporting Brand Advocates 

Brand advocates are helpful in reducing the legwork of bringing in new customers. Marketing automation can provide you with a way for identifying the brand advocates so that you can make a deal with them. When you encourage brand advocates, you are more likely to reduce acquisition costs and make a good purchase through recommendations that actually work. It is a customer-centric strategy that can be easily aligned with your marketing plan and lets you go after the right opportunities.

  • Personalized Communication 

Understanding what customers want helps in personalizing marketing efforts for improving the ongoing experience. It will result in stronger relationships and remember the stronger the relationship is, the more you are likely to create value for them. Marketing leaders make use of marketing automation as a tool for personalizing experiences for matching their individual tastes and preferences. Real-time response and data-driven product recommendations are bringing revolutions in how you treat your customers in the most efficient way.

In the end, it is quite clear that marketing automation and customer retention will go hand in hand when it comes to building strong relationships with customers. Making use of marketing automation tools for email marketing or text marketing can streamline your operations in the best way. Many businesses have already implemented this technology in their marketing and they have been successful in saving their money and time wasted on monotonous tasks. 

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