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CT-Motivate-BlogThe world is currently in crisis(yes, till date). Companies are forced to work from home. And employees are expected to meet deadlines to meet the challenges of telecommuting.

Needless to say, working from one room every day or sharing your workspace with loved ones is far from easy. And without the occasional water-cooled conversation, employees feel even heavier than their workload.

In addition, it is impossible for managers to understand the employee’s non-verbal cues through a computer screen. Video conferencing cannot be a successful substitute for one-on-one conversations, especially on sensitive topics such as performance reviews.

Although emails allow for consistent communication, they are too formal for meaningful employee communication. In addition, the endless flow of email can quickly become confusing and prevalent.

With such problems, your employees may feel out of sight. They may begin to wonder if their contribution will be noticed at all.

So how can you motivate your remote team?

Cloud solutions ensure that your employees stay productive and engaged while riding this emotional roller skate. They also help streamline and streamline communication with your remote team.

Why a cloud service?

Cloud Phone – A technology that facilitates the transition to telecommuting offers businesses efficiency and functionality. You can benefit from reduced overhead costs and increased productivity, while employees enjoy a comfortable collaborative environment, flexibility and comparative freedom.

If you want your team to stay focused or be creative when they work remotely, you need to introduce them to the field of cloud service. They should feel productive and not be overwhelmed by work. The mental health of your employees needs to be taken care of – if not you, who?

Cloud solutions can help you overcome all these challenges.

You can manage your business communications without restrictions or security issues, regardless of location or time zone.

You can offer employees full-featured desk phones. Unlike consumer phones, these phones instantly integrate with voicemail, business directories and other important aspects of the business phone framework. Gone are the days of tedious processes and weak security.

With a cloud phone, you get a monthly bill that includes the cost of all your extensions, even those used by your remote workforce. In addition, automated tools such as IVRs, chat robots, and voice transmissions help employees increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How can you motivate and enrich your telecommuting workforce?

Recent times have shown that a unified communications package is the best device for switching to remote settings.

Here are some hacking techniques to motivate and enrich your remote workforce with cloud-based tools.

Provide reliable and easy-to-use tools

Outdated and complex software can motivate your employees. Help them become more productive by upgrading outdated technology.

The cloud phone service is a feature-rich and business-friendly package. In addition to real-time analysis, it offers call scheduling, smart IVR routing, post-call surveys, voicemail, missed call services, automated bulk SMS, and more. These features automate manual operations, simplifying workflows.

Keep your team on the same page

For smooth operation, remote groups must be on the same page. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and the integration of third-party applications make this possible.

These integrations enable your sales and support teams in a number of ways. Your employees can save the time and effort needed to constantly change screens, work efficiently, collaborate better, and provide a better customer experience.

Ensure quality conversations

A reliable communication system ensures high-quality internal conversations not only once, but every time a colleague contacts you.

Make your employees feel valued. Show them how much you value everyone’s work. Share the needs of each task with them and celebrate all their wins. Encourage them to come up with new ideas or strategies.

Here you can use the cloud to quickly set up conferences and web meetings and connect with remote groups in seconds. Keep the whole team connected to the cloud as if they were in the office.

Help your agents deal with high call volume

Dealing with high speech volume is difficult when the routine feeling of the agent is reversed. Although customer calls continue to grow, with remote setup, companies may be able to receive these calls.

In such cases, an IVR system is the right way to go.

Choose from pre-saved templates or create your own. Even better – choose the tones and phrases that best suit your business identity. Let your audience know about the status of your business and direct them to the self-service option for easier inquiries. Or, for more complex queries, direct them to an agent.

Take care of their mental health

Employees can be stressed about losing leads and mediocre performance. All this can significantly affect their mental well-being. Constant pressure can create a cycle of negativity that is difficult to break. So you need to alleviate the situation.

If you see a higher number of dropped calls, the Missed Calls service can help you effectively connect and reconnect with lost customers without being stressed by your employees. You receive real-time alerts for each missed call, including their number, details, and timestamp.

This service can also send automated SMS to callers informing them of a properly registered call. You can then call them later at a time convenient to both parties.

In conclusion

Remote working seems to be the way of the future. So it’s time to get your teleworkers on board.

Go beyond the usual feedback and build sensible working relationships with cloud services. Understand your team’s challenges and help them stay motivated and satisfied.

Add offers for your telecommunications settings, such as service packs, health benefits, gaming, team games, birthday celebrations, and more. With a combination of a strong telephone solution and consistent, positive and transparent inter-office communication, your colleagues are bound to move.

Define your approach to catapulting your team’s productivity to a new level.

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