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We have already discussed about the cloud telephony system earlier on our blog from the article A Complete Cloud Telephony Guide for Startups

The new era needs a system where the employees are not bound to work from their office workstation. They need a flexible system to operate from anywhere. SO, cloud telephony somehow brings in a facility of flexibility in working sector. It is not necessary to be implemented only in big and tech companies instead it should be introduced in every sector.

Cloud computing is not only the future of computing, but the present and the entire past of computing.” – Larry Ellison of Oracle.

Cloud telephony is essential in order to mange the national and international calls without the use of a net of cables and hardware. What is required is the cloud telephony integrated in the form of an application in a desktop, laptop or mobile smartphone.

This technology is not very old and hence there are a lot of myths, facts, pros & cons associated with this. So, here we are discussing about these topics.


  • Management Requires Dedicated IT Support Person

Now as you’ve setup the cloud telephony in your premises, there is no additional requirement of recruiting a technical person to run the setup properly. You will get full tech support from your vendor.

  • Bad Voice Quality

Good Internet connection will serve you a good voice quality. Cloud telephony does not carry an inbuilt issue of bad voice quality.

  • Unreliable System

System security and setup is highly reliable and will help you grow your business with no worries. You can be available at any time for your clients.

  • Complicated & Time Consuming

The technical person who will perform the setup will do it perfectly. Being aware of the technology there will be no time loss. And also this setup does not involve hardware so no complicated cables, phones and time consumed will be as per the vendor commitment.

  • Expensive Upgrades

Choose a vendor carefully to drop this myth. Do not focus on cheap services focus on good service.

  • Requires Huge Initial Investment

Initially an Internet connection will be enough and after buying an economic package according to your budget the setup will be complete.

  • Only for New Tech Companies

Whenever a new technology is introduced, it is for all the business running throughout the world. This is to success the technology associated with the success of the business implementing the technology. So, the cloud telephony is for all generations.

  • Everything is Automated, No Support Required

Most of the aspects of this service are automated but then in certain cases a technical manual support is required which is for the expertise in the telephony system and for the knowledge of tools to be operated.

  • Migration is a Big Hassle

If you are working with a good service provider who helps you in migrating your system to cloud telephony, then it is a good option. With a short-term downtime you will get long term efficiency, cost effectiveness and a future proof business.

  • Cloud Technology is Still in its Infancy

Cloud telephony is a quick growing system approaching its maturity at a fast pace with each new innovation. With a continuous refinement cloud system needs the demands of all small and big business as per the current day scenario.


  • Above 70% companies/business are looking for cloud telephony services or are investigating about it. This is regardless of any losses probable to occur while implementing the new system. (Reference from

  • Microsoft invested 90% of their R&D budget on cloud telephony. This is not a money wastage but investment involves a full fledge plan to get the best out of it. (Reference from

  • Cloud telephony setup gives large job creation as there are very few people working to make cloud more secure and reliable.

Pros & Cons:



  • Flexibility

All you need is an Internet connections to get started and you may choose the package which best suits your budget. Connect it with your phone, laptop, and IP phone and start using. Nothing will affect your company economy. All you need is to choose a plan in your budget with necessary features and you are done.

Small companies cannot afford setting up full hardware system so choose the second option of buying the plan from companies well settles in this area.

  • No more complex cables

Setting up PBX meant a complex net of cables with hardware phone system. This demanded time, labor and large budget. With cloud telephony you may reduce your budget a lot and there is no need of complex net of cables in your working area. Just get an Internet connection and install the application. You’re done.

  • Advanced Features

    • Voice mail

    • Voice recording

    • Call forwarding

    • Interactive voice response

    • Call distribution

  • Quick & Easy Implementation

No hardware required. No need to visit the premises to setup and run the system.

  • Reputation & Brand Value

Always be available on phone, do not let your customers wait for you and get the call dropped. New system, new technology is what will help you build up your reputation and brand value. Cloud telephony being the smart system will help your business deliver the best levels of services to your connections.

  • National and international call from one phone system

No different system required for different types of call. A single system will serve you multipurpose.

  • Platform Independent

The cloud system is not bound to which system you are using. You may run it on windows OS, Mac OS and any other.

  • New Technology

Being the latest technology it is given time by the technical people Application is designed to save your time so system will run on auto mode in case of upgrades etc.

  • Support not a big Issue

Maintenance and support is not something users should worry about. The service provider gives this support. So, there is no need to panic in case of any small or big failure. You’ve paid and hence forget the worries.


  • Internet Connection Necessary

To setup the cloud telephony system Internet connection is must. All your files will be stored online on cloud and not offline in your system.

  • Latency

Sometimes an issue arises of bad voice quality due to poor Internet connection. This is a biggest concern and users often face the delay in voice signal transmission.

  • Recurring Costs

Monthly subscriptions and regular upgrades and support will cost you more.

  • Security

The cloud telephony system is a good system but you are using it through a vendor. There are certain terms and conditions of every vendor and they work as per those conditions and these terms are critical to review before choosing the vendors.

University said that there are six essential aspects of security when it comes to cloud computing, according to veteran information security researcher Donn Parker, namely:

    1. Confidentiality (secrecy of information)

    2. Integrity (data unaltered without permission)

    3. Availability (data accessible to those authorized to use it)

    4. Utility (data can be processed by those authorized to access it)

    5. Authenticity (validation that data is genuine)

    6. Possession (authorized users have full control over their data)

If you are not confident about the above essential aspects then better skip and choose another vendor.

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