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The digital ecosystem is expanding quickly, advancing the need to strengthen data privacy and security. It is a primary concern for brands and customers amid increasing cyberattacks and data breaches. Sensitive information like phone numbers linked to bank accounts, email addresses, social media accounts, etc., should be protected from identity theft. How can your contact center make it happen? With ‘Phone Proxy.’ 

Preventing unforeseen situations in your contact center is now easier than ever. Learn about this essential feature to avoid chaos and protect customer data.

About Phone Proxy

Phone numbers are used everywhere – registering, shopping, enquiring about services, etc. It holds a large amount of data and sensitive information, which can’t be put at risk. This is why a phone proxy is the best solution to protect customer data and ensure the privacy of both, the support agent and the caller.

Phone proxy is a process where two people over the call can communicate without disclosing their phone numbers. It is now essential for operation in cloud telephony systems, which ensures robust and secure business communication. Phone proxy, also primarily known as ‘call masking.’

More About Phone Proxy Numbers

The phone proxy numbers are masked numbers that anonymize interaction with clients, customers, etc. while safeguarding their real phone numbers. It bridges the call as users are connected through third-party (proxy) phone numbers. We know, it’s not safe to directly share the phone numbers of any parties with others.

Significance of Phone Proxy

Privacy is certainly the main reason for phone proxy, but there are other micro benefits. You develop customer loyalty, trust, boost long-term relationships, and enhance customer experience. Apart from all these benefits, you are protecting interactions with end-to-end encryption.

Working of Phone Proxy

Sarv has an efficient phone proxy infrastructure that supports businesses of all sizes to mask phone numbers. It disguises the phone number via a third-party and forwards calls to the desired destination. Moreover, the process is simple. Check out the steps below:

Case 1 – When Customers Call

The customer Calls the Agent’s Proxy number

Cloud server dials

Agents receive the call from the customer’s masked number

Call connected between both parties with a proxy number

Case 2 – When Agents Call

Agents call on customer’s masked number

The cloud server dials the number

The customer receives the call on his real number from the agent’s masked number

Both parties are connected with a proxy number

Plus Points of Proxy Number

Phone proxy enables quick, easy, and desirable communication between the parties. It protects the clients and employees within a company. It offers more, like:

Shields User’s Identity

The first and foremost benefit phone proxy offers are masking several parties’ contact numbers. We know sharing personal phone numbers becomes risky whenever a third-party service provider is involved. It becomes difficult to freely engage in personal transactions. This is where phone proxy supports and eliminates unnecessary worrying about any sort of data breach.

Builds Customer Trust & Loyalty

Masking phone numbers will provide your customers with a convenient and secure experience. You can enhance existing customer perceptions and attract several potential customers. People think “data is not safe in this digital age,” but it’s not the case. Your customers will trust your business over all other competitors if you start offering what they want.

Provides Real-time Insights

Phone proxy is a feature of the cloud contact center, and you can easily track, record, and analyze conversations. The solution is capable enough to share a lot of real-time customer data insights with your business. The insights will enable your business to meet all communication requirements in the future. Hence, your business can optimize operations with better communication.

Enables Data Security

In this online marketplace, it’s important to keep communications and transactions secure. With phone proxy, you’re keeping customer data secure and preventing them from being unused. Customers will promote the brands that care about their privacy and requirement: thus, boosting your business growth.

Extra Features of Sarv’s Phone Proxy

  • Direct the call to the concerned team according to the customer
  • The one-to-one proxy number will enable your business to provide callers with a dedicated agent.
  • The one-to-many proxy number will allow you to have multiple attendants for one caller. Even if one attendee misses to pick the call, then it will be transferred to another attendant.
  • Our advanced real-time switching API helps agents to switch calls from the real number to the virtual number and vice versa at your convenience.

Avail Sarv’s Phone Proxy Solution Today

Phone proxy is an integral solution for brands. It maintains customer privacy, keeps them engaged, and satisfied. You can provide top-notch quality and high-value communication for customers. Phone proxy is part of cloud-based telephony that brings more to the table, like call monitoring, auto-dialer, click-to-call, call tracking, real-time insights, etc. Simplify your business communication with our solution.

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