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Voice is one of the most powerful tools of communication. Especially, when it comes to resolving customers’ problems, achieving marketing goals, and promoting the brand’s mission. Voice solutions are no different from any other form of marketing; rather brands are utilizing them to solve customer queries and broaden their buyers’ journeys.

Are you using audio solutions in your business? Currently, it is playing a crucial role in improving the customer experience and encompassing personalized interaction. It has become a powerful addition to cloud contact center solutions. Now, customers are aware of voice technology and engage with brands and businesses via voice technology.

Brands and businesses have to begin their game with voice solutions and incorporate tools that are more attuned to the motions and patterns of modern users. Audio technology is rising, and if you’re thinking about developing marketing strategies that integrate with the voice environment and ultimately, drive better customer experiences.

Then, you’re at the right place. Read on to learn about voice marketing solutions and how to use this technology.

About Voice Marketing Solutions

Voice marketing is a set of strategies that utilizes voice technology to reach target audiences. Brands reach consumers through the use of various voice-enabled devices powered by voice assistants. They are taking advantage of voice-controlled devices to reach consumers in a hands-free and interactive way.

According to surveys, it is expected that voice-enabled devices will triple in number by 2022. Moreover, businesses are using voice-generating apps to market their brand’s voices and better express the business message.

Voice Process

There are two basic voice processes in the cloud contact center. Inbound and outbound voice process

As the name implies, the Inbound Voice process handles all the incoming calls of customers. These calls will be regarding the business, services, and product. Moreover, it can be related to surveys, feedback, technical support, inbound sales, and upgrade or renewal inquiry calls.


In the Outbound Voice process, customer care executives make n calls to customers. The calls are to make a sales pitch, inform about shipping, aware them of the latest offers, voice OTP authentication, and more. Cloud contact centers are using these processes to make their marketing strategy more impactful for their customers.

Different Voice Solutions in Cloud Contact Center

Voice solutions help businesses reach customers in a more personal way compared to emails or text messages. The solution is cost-efficient and highly effective, giving businesses a competitive edge over others as it saves time to a great extent. Some of the best solutions to market your business include:

  • Voice broadcasting

In this solution, you send bulk automated voice calls to customers at once. The automated call broadcast doesn’t need a dedicated staff to handle all the calls manually. Use it to generate leads, aware your customers of anything, enhance your brand presence, deliver consistent messages without errors, etc.

  • Voice OTP

Voice OTP is a solution that ensures the customers’ safety by adding a layer of security. Customers have more control over their account and profile activity. They do not have to worry about any leakage, fraud, or any type of data corruption. This voice solution is fast and reliable.

  • Audio conferencing

There has been a significant increase in the use of audio conferencing solutions during the lockdown. It gained popularity due to its simplicity and flexibility. We at Sarv provide the best conferencing services that save time and facilitate organizational operations in many ways.

  • Click-to-Call

This voice solution enables customers to have real-time communication with businesses. Moreover, it lets your customers connect quickly and effortlessly, building trust in the brand. A customer can connect with a business with just one click of a button. Further, users can request a callback.

  • Inbound/Outbound IVR

The interactive virtual receptionist is a game-changer for small and medium-sized businesses, whether Inbound or outbound. Inbound IVR allows callers to acquire information without a LIVE agent. Meanwhile, outbound IVR technology alerts existing clients about appointments, new schemes, offers, rewards, etc.

  • Text-to-Speech

Text-to-Speech systems offer a range of voices to choose from. In addition, it gives the option to call customers without needing an agent to speak. TTS enables conversational IVR, becoming a significant component of the future.

Where to Use Voice Solutions?

Where to use voice solution

Final Thoughts

Cloud-based voice solutions enhance the relationship between customers and businesses. Moreover, it fulfills customers’ expectations and increases employee productivity. The abovementioned voice solution resolves customers’ predicaments with its innovation, speed, accuracy, and quick assistance. It helps brands and companies remain relevant, create a unique; and simplified customer experience to encourage customer retention, and build brand loyalty.

Is Your Brand Being Heard? No, then connect with the experts in Sarv and get the best voice solution for your business.

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