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Businesses globally witnessed and experienced a dramatic change in the last two years because of ‘Coronavirus.’ It has disrupted people’s livelihoods, but everything recovered (not fully yet). Similarly, the industry of call centers encountered the issues of remote working – interacting with countless customers and solving their problems. There were many instances when call center agents were unable to connect with every customer. It increased the call drop rates.

Auto-dialers came to the rescue and helped call centers to handle these drop rates and improve customer retention. Businesses should know ‘a 5% increase in customer retention could increase profit by 25%.’ Wondering how? There is a higher chance for retained customers to invest more and boost the yields by 300%.’

So, now what are auto-dialers? It is a type of predictive dialer software that automatically calls the customers from the list. Once the call has been made, it either plays back a prerecorded message or connects to a live representative. auto-dialers assist agents to save time from dialing the numbers manually and focus more on delivering the best customer experience. It is quite viable software for call centers, especially the sales team, as it boosts the agent’s productivity to a higher level.

So, what are the things an auto-dialer will have:-

  • Unproductive Number Detection
  • DND/DND List Filtering
  • Pace
  • CRM Integration

Unproductive Number Detection

Caller ID is a huge time saver as it can intelligently detect various unproductive numbers on voicemails, answering machines, no answers, busy numbers, and unanswered calls. Automatic dialer technology only transfers answered or live calls to the agent, boosting efficiency and productivity.

DND/DNC List Filtering

Call centers running outbound campaigns must ensure that calls do not appear on the do-not-call (DNC) or do-not-disturb (DND) list. There will be a hefty price on the call center if the numbers appear on the DNC/DND list. The latest auto-dialer saves companies from unforeseen situations and performs DND filtering.


Speed feature ensures the company’s working procedure is smooth. Auto-dialer allows companies to dial hundreds of people in an hour to get maximum leads for a prospect and connect with a large audience with little or no hassle. Auto-dialer features may differ from company to company like; Sarv offers control dialing, a web-based platform, start/pause recording, contact history, display calling script, etc.

CRM Integration

Managing customer data is essential for businesses as it helps in streamlining customer interaction. Integrating cloud-based auto-dialers with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system will support tracking customer data, including past interactions, preferences, etc.

Other than features, learn how automated calling software can increase or boost your business productivity.

Utilizing time efficiently with high customer service and increased profits is vital for the survival of call centers.

Record & Improve

auto-dialer has the feature to record calls, allowing sales representatives to review and analyze calls whenever they have time. The strategy will ensure agents take all essential points and tailor the sales strategies according to the individuals.

Keep the Numbers Running

Follow the old saying, the more calls, the more sales. The auto dialer will help your salespeople make as many calls as possible, leading to more success. Here’s a small tip – the number tip only works if your agent is having meaningful conversations with people. So, guide the team to use the technology to the best.

No Stress of Compliance

Compliances, rules, and regulations are part of the businesses, especially the agents making the call out there. At Sarv, the auto-dialers are up-to-date, allowing agents to focus more on calls than worry about call compliances. The compliances increase confidence and build a healthy relationship with clients.

Whisper Support

Asking for help is good. The best way to train the agent is to hear their calls and use the whisper tool. Through this tool, managers can help and guide the agents in real-time. It will build confidence and steer them towards more wins – a better way to handle calls.

Email Follow-up

Think about the hassle of going back, again and again, to follow up with the client. Remove the struggle and automate the email process whenever the follow-up is required. A pro tip for agents – be cautious and don’t use emails too often or for general purposes. Clients/customers feel happy and satisfied when you show care, use the automation process but be present for the conversation whenever needed.

Good Thing is You have the Option of Auto-Dialers

Auto-dialers give you the benefit of scheduling calls, giving agents the system to rely on and extend customer support on any given day. It is clearly visible, the above mentioned features and techniques will help you improve business productivity. The more productive your business is, the more you’ll grow.

Auto-dialers support outbound call centers at large, improving operational efficiency, enhancing communication, and personalizing clients’ messages. Connect with Sarv and enjoy – a high level of automation, elevated agents efficiency, and intelligent call distribution.

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