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Sarv WAVE Video Conferencing App

As we all know, the government has announced the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. Under this initiative, India will emphasize on using Indian origin products and services to make our economy strong & self-dependent.

As of now in lockdown, we have seen how important a video conferencing application/tool is for most of the business and educational entities (public & private entitled both). Also, recently there were serious security issues with the present applications. Considering which Indian Government kept open competition within India for India based companies to compete & deliver a solution.

More than 4000 companies participated in this competition & the top 10 were finally chosen by the responsible panel. qualified in this Top 10 companies list. The team is all set for hard work which needs to build a world-class solution.

Another round will shortlist 3 out of 10 and finally, a winner will be chosen. Sarv team is working hard to win this & get a chance to serve India & add tools to make India self-dependent.

“There are many advantages of having an Indian VC product, one is that the solution can be in all Indian languages, and it can be locally hosted, completely secure with an encryption key to assuring security. This is a big area of concern which ultimately is the reason to initiate this competition.” our words and inspiration for this application.

The company with the best solution will win the competition and 4 years contract for maintenance and upgrade of the application. The government will give 1 crore to the winning company for the first year and 10 lac for the next three years.

This app will be used by the government of India and state governments at least for the next 4 years. This good news in this pandemic has surely increased the adrenaline in the whole Sarv family. Now it is time to hit the top spot.

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