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What do you think a customer does before making a purchase? They scroll, research, compare, and contact. What do you think customers want most? Convenience! The ease to connect with the business and get the right information for their enquiry. If you’re into marketing, you might’ve heard of the ‘click-to-call’ service, which amplifies conversion rates.

Do you know everything in nature or the world is there for a reason? Everything is interlinked with each other. For example – color plays a significant role in pursuing customers to make their next purchase. Each color has its own specialty, which stimulates emotions and boosts sales.

In the last two decades, everyone has seen a spurt in business communication and requirements for better customer service. Audiences have become smarter about their purchases with smartphone accessibility. This means businesses want a solution that converts prospects into potential buyers.

Studies have shown that online customers prefer websites or apps equipped with embedded callback technology increasingly. With click-to-call, your customers can interact with you in the most friendly, convenient, secure, and reliable way.

Where to Implement Click-to-Call?

Now, the question is where to implement the click-to-call button. It is a call-to-action button, which needs clear visibility to customers, especially within 3 seconds to boost the click-through rate. Any business can set up the service in:


In this process, the button can be easily integrated on a website or app with our API using our click-to-call HTML code. The process is simple but placing at appropriate interaction points is important. It will enable businesses to convert visitors to potential customers. So, remember position matters as much as the feature on the platform.

The user enters their number on the link pr widget, which connects the calls to the preassigned number. Hence, connects agents and customers directly through the call. Create a custom click-to-dial widget on your website with a robust click-to-call API.


More than half of the population is constantly using smartphones in their lifestyle. According to a report, 47 percent of mobile phone users claim that they will shift to other brands. Why? If they are unable to find the brand’s contact number quickly.

Customers want everything instant. Who is to blame for this? The fast resolution makes everyone happy. Click-to-call button in the app enables faster and more reliable communication between agents and customers. So, whenever a user taps on the button, the CT system provider’s server receives an input command, which eventually begins the calls.

Feature to Look in Click-to-Call?

In the competitive market, several brands compete for the biggest market share. They put out different pricing plans, each with a set of features that are only available if you pay for the plan. Meanwhile, some brands have unique selling points (USPs) that connect customers at the right time in just one click.

Sarv’s click-to-call software enables your business to embed the button in all your social media campaigns. There’s more we offer:

Smart Agent Routing

The software has smart routing capabilities that automatically connect the leads and customers. The connection is highly dependent on the sales representative’s availability. This reduces the wait time on the phone and eliminates the occurrence of missed calls.      

Contact Management

Your business gets access to the contact information of your leads and customers, the call history, and the sales representatives who served them. With this, you can gain a deeper understanding of your interaction with customers. Hence, enhancing customer service skills to cater the specific needs.                 

Monitoring & Performance

A key factor in cloud telephony is detailed reporting and analytics that helps to improve team and system performance. This feature helps managers to monitor performance related to call activity such as missed calls, waiting times, etc. Further, use the data to examine and assess your business operations for the areas of improvement.

Call Recording

Your business will have all the call recordings of incoming and outgoing calls. All of them are recorded in real-time and you can listen to them later for training and quality purposes. 

CRM Integration

Most businesses use click-to-call for sales and support agents integrated with CRM. An integrated dialer that lets representatives automatically place outbound calls with just one click. In just one click entire contextual record opens, giving agents more control over the call. Thus, increasing efficiency and reducing manual errors.

End the Wait – Connect with Customers Instantly

Digital evolution and changing consumer behaviors seek the integration of advanced technology that increases business efficiency. Click-to-call is a vital part of cloud telephony that offers some key advantages, affecting business potential. Customers seek round-the-clock support if they are unable to get answers to their queries in a self-service manner (website or app). This is where click to call button comes in handy, connecting customers with an agent. This makes customers happy, satisfied, and valued all the time.

If you have any questions or planning to get the Click-to-Call feature, then get in touch with us right away.

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