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The main concern for every business owner is, how to drive customers to their business. For this, we should use different marketing mediums. We live in a mobile era, we must use the power of mobile to drive more customers & business. Text messaging or SMS Marketing is one of the most useful mobile marketing tools. It is the best way to help your business communicate with your target audience, It is a direct way to share a special offer or company information with a large group of people easily from an online platform.

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SMS marketing offers a lot of opportunities like improve customer service, attract genuine leads & potential customers, and build the brand. Nearly every industry can use the power of this marketing tool.

In this article, we’ll discuss how different industries can benefit from using text messaging.

Retail Industry

SMS marketing & retail industry are made for each other, SMS is the perfect opportunity to increase sales. It is one of the best medium to create awareness around your brand, products & services.

SMS marketing can be very effective to send out bulk messages to your subscribers about a special offer, & Sale that you have on in-store. It is a more direct and personal way to reach your customers, & communicate with them through text messaging. With SMS you can send text offers like personalized coupon codes or Creating a generic discount code to your subscribers.

Here are some ways to use SMS

  • New stock availability
  • New product arrival
  • Coupon codes, discounts & offers
  • Delivery information
  • Payment information
  • Greetings on occasions & festivals


The average response time for text messages is 90 seconds. SMS marketing offers many opportunities for the education industry. It is a great way to reach out to students. Education Institute uses this service in many ways.

  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Communicate with parents & students regarding important updates
  • Exams & test dates information
  • Tips to prepare for exams
  • Good luck messages during exams

Restaurants & Hotels

Restaurants & hotels are among the biggest users of SMS marketing. With this, you can make your customers feel special.

  • Offer discounts & deals on food & drink
  • Special offers for special events like Christmas & valentine’s day
  • Family get together party & bachelors party
  • Send Coupons code
  • Festivals & birthday greetings
  • Order confirmation message
  • New updates for customers

Finance Sector

The finance sector, such as banks, insurance companies, and loan providers, are using SMS marketing to keep in contact with both prospective and existing clients.

  • Account related updates
  • Updates about transactions
  • Promotional messages
  • Status of loan or any finance application
  • Payment due reminders or alerts
  • Customer feedback survey
  • Send fraud alert messages

Travel Industry

It is one of the most powerful channels for the travel industry. With text messages, you can approach your customers & send out messages like holiday season offers. In this way, you can get people who will arrive to you to book holidays.

  • Booking confirmation
  • Special deals to regular customers
  • Send an auto-reply confirmation message
  • Last-minute reminders & alerts
  • Send thank you message

Health-care Industry

SMS Provides Immediate Connection Between Healthcare Providers And Patients. According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Health Research Institute, “Mobile technology holds great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases and lowering healthcare costs.”

  • Appointment reminders
  • Medication expiration reminders
  • Health and fitness tips
  • Little additional information about the dosage
  • Test results

Real Estate

Text messaging for real estate is one of the fastest-growing applications of mobile marketing. It is the most effective medium between a broker or real estate agency and a potential buyer.

  • Provide useful information regarding properties
  • Send updates to buyers
  • Send reminders about property sales
  • Notification about special offers
  • Send payment reminder

If you have any suggestions and additional information about text message marketing or mobile marketing, please share it with us in the comment box below!

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