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To ensure your campaign success, you must track your results. There are some factors that play a key role in your email marketing campaign success. We’ll discuss about some factors which provide a valuable information; It will help you to measure success.

Open Rate

Open rate is percentage of recipients who opened email. It is calculated by dividing number of emails opened by total number of emails delivered

Open Rate = number of emails opened / number of emails delivered

But, this is not a reliable factor for measuring campaign success. There are two types of opens- Unique opens & Total opens.


A open mail 3 times

B open mail 7 times

C open mail 1 times

Total open = 11

Total unique open = 3

Click Through Rate

It is calculated by dividing number of clicks (Links) by total number of emails delivered. There are two types of clicks- Unique & Total.

CTR = number of clicks / number of emails delivered

CTR indicates how relevant your content is, high number of clicks indicates that your offer or message is relevant & engaging. CTR varies for different type of emails.

Delivery Rate

Delivery rate is the percentage of emails delivered in recipient’s mailbox.

Delivery Rate =(number of email sent – number of bounces) / no. of email sent

Delivery rate is very important factor for measuring campaign success. If your delivery rate is very low then you must examine your email list, subject line of email & content of message. You should focus on delivery rate, because it decide your campaign success.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of number of emails that are not delivered to recipient’s inbox.

Bounce Rate = number of emails not delivered / no. of email sent

This factor is very useful to check problem with email list. There are two type of bounces – Soft bounce & Hard bounce

Soft bounce is temporary problem. it happens when recipients inbox is full or server is temporarily down.

Hard bounce is permanent failure to deliver an email. Emails never get delivered. It is due to invalid or non-existent email address.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate = number of conversions / number of email sent

A conversion could be filling out a lead generation form or place an order. Conversion rate determine the effectiveness of an email campaign. High conversion rate depend on factors like actionable calls to action & quality landing page.

Unsubscribe Rate

People who don’t want to receive emails from your brand can unsubscribe from your list anytime through an easy unsubscription process. To keep your unsubscribe rate low, send useful & engaging information that will interest subscribers.

Bulk mailing practice may also contribute increasing unsubscribe rate. If your unsubscribe rate is increasing, find out why people leave & adjust your campaign accordingly subscribers.

Revenue Measurement

Revenue per email sent = Total revenue / number of email sent

It is very important to track ROI. This factor is best for e-commerce marketers. An email campaign which have high success rate, well open rate, & good CTR could have low ROI. There are two choice- first, batch & blast your campaign but there is a great possibility that your ROI will be low. But if you invest your time & effort to make your campaign more effective, it will surely help you to improve your ROI.

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