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Everybody is well aware of the importance of a name in a person’s life and similarly is the importance of existence of domain name for a business or organization may it is private or government.

We have discussed about domain in our previous articles- Read Here, and now we would love to share some important facts associated with domain since its birth.

  • 148,344,875 domains have been registered till date (updates from 2014)

  • is the first ever registered domain name, registered on March 15, 1985.

Other domains registered in following dates are mentioned below: April 24, 1985. May 24,1985 and the countdown continues…

  • FREE Domains

Yes free, but until 1995. All the domains were free until 1995 and after that the domain selling started.

1995: $100

1997: $70

Then price kept falling frequently after the formation of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) in 1998.

  • The Nigerian domain extension, “.ng”, is the most expensive TLD which is $40,000/ year.

  • is the most expensive domain name ever sold in $35 million in year 2007

Others in the list are: -> $30.2 million -> $16 million

  • All possible combinations of 2 and 3 word domains are already taken and are not available. One may buy them from the seller but at price higher than normal and the price will depend on the popularity and potential power of the name.

  • All the a….com domains are already taken and this includes all the combinations for example:


  • A person name Mike Mann holds a record of registering ~15000 domains in a single day and claiming it as a future economy building work.

  • Standard domain name length is 63 characters and currently there are only a few domain names this much long.

  • Total number of TLD including ccTLDs: 363

  • Worlds shortest domain names are as listed

  • was supposed to be spelled

It was a mistake committed by the person who registered the domain as was not available but was available.


  • The most common letter with which most of the domains start is “s” followed by “c”, “a”, “m”.

The least popular are “q”, “x”, “y”, “z”.

  • There are some domains names already reserved for private testing purpose and are not available for registration.

  • Another new TLD which is quite expensive is “.RICH” which costs $1,999/year (as per the sources).

These are certain facts related to the domain names and we welcome the readers to share more of their knowledge with us and add to this article.

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